How should the B.C. gov't deal with Uber?


  • FUCK UBER - 9 years ago

    All I can say is FUCK Uber. They're the biggest monopoly in the world at the moment because they buy cars and lease them to their drivers. Also really risky and shady to ride with them. Been way to many attacks just keep them out.

    -Supporter of BC Government.

  • Rob - 9 years ago

    Simply no uber after watching those videos ........

  • Jo - 9 years ago

    Keep uber out of Canada not only bc
    I'm America I had ride with junky driver when she came to pick me up she brought one of her male friend with her then I refuse to go with her and told heI want my $40.back witch I per-paid on my Visa card and uber never paid me back then next day I called my visa completed they refined me back and they told me I'm not the only one people careful

  • Jo - 9 years ago

    Keep uber out of Canada not only bc
    I'm America I had ride with junky driver when she came to pick me up she brought one of her male friend with her then I refuse to go with her and told heI want my $40.back witch I per-paid on my Visa card and uber never paid me back then next day I called my visa completed they refined me back and they told me I'm not the only one people careful

  • josh - 9 years ago

    Look here and you will find out.

  • Rob - 9 years ago

    every has has their opinion Emily.may be you dont know its illegal.what you do if you find out the driver is not professinal and is some kind of offender,if you had in really kind of serious injury icbc won't take your claim
    They already clear thatz

  • Emily - 9 years ago

    I dont know if you guys have realized this but our government is pro at wasting our tax money, so if another company from the states wants to come to Vancouver and lower the costs of transportation for us while reducing the amount of polution (Vancouver taxis driving back from suburban areas empty because their not allowed to pick up people outside their zone) then I say BOOYAH! Welcome to Vancouver! Accept change guys, it may be better, it may be worse but we wont know untill we give it a chance. Uber saw a flaw in the system and their just trying to make it better for everyone else.

  • Canucks fan - 9 years ago

    One thing I hate about all these drivers that complain about can't afford to buy cab and have to pay money 3000 to drive for some one else .I gotta thing to say to u number one ur 3000 lease is all tax claimable doller by dollar when u pay income tax so quit bitching about it.. Basically ur driving free comes to think about it so just shut it :)

  • Trevor Bennott - 9 years ago

    UBER is a very bad idea for our economy, it is true that some have had bad experiences with cab companies but why are STILL REGULATED. UBER is NOT REGULATED, so what makes all of these people who complain about taxi service think UBER will be any better. With such little regulation, it can only be worse. Taxi owners pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to own a cab and drive, they of course with this investment in mind work very hard. If just about anyone can 'sign up' simply and be a driver, then how will there service be any better. It WILL be worse, it is common sense and I do not get why people do not get this simple fact. UBER will take money out of our economy and into the states, it is not good for the community and the reasoning for why people support it is ridiculous.

  • John Levis - 9 years ago

    This is absolutely corporate bullying. SAY NO TO UBER if you want to stand up for the small person and support you own local economy! If you support local business' then you should stand beside local taxi companies.

  • Paul - 9 years ago

    Useing uber Menes money going over to USA uber don't even pay any tax in canada..

  • Mike - 9 years ago

    UBER is not always as cheap as some thinks. They can charge 3X-4X or even 7X when you need it the most. They maybe a cheaper option when business is slow. Once it get little busy and you need to use UBER. They start adding surge pricing. At the end of the year your cost will be lot more higher, if you keep using it for busy and slow time. One more thing you need to keep in mind. If they are successful setting up their shop in Vancouver then Cab drivers will join them. That way in a busy time, when surge is in effect they will be better off working UBER, So they can make 2-7X the money, compare to regular taxi fare. I think GOVT is totally right in this to ban UBER as they are not good for long run. People need to read this from a blog in Toronto to see, how much they paid for one trip in busy night.

  • Kavin - 9 years ago

    I am also a cab driver. Yes it is true that I also pay approximately $3000/month to my owner. Owner pay all company expenses which is about $2500. He make $ 500/ month net. My owner drove taxi for 25 years. He drove first 15 years as a driver. Then he took a loan on his home to buy the cab share in company at $150K at that time. He drove for another 10 years and then get retired. I am thankful to him that on his $150K investment, I am earning my livelihood. He could earn about same money by earning interest by selling his cab but I am thankful that he didn't sold it,as the new owner might drive by himself and I am out of job. These cab companies have invested in infrastructure a lot, spend thousands on insurance and play by strict rules set by government to protect and serve public. I hope that by the honest earning and hard work one day I can also own cab share as my owner did. And also that there will always rules in place to protact public as well as drivers so that no big multinational corporation undercut the prices by not paying for proper insurance and not obeying the law of the land. And when the taxi industry is finished they can charge what ever they want. At that time the government can also do nothing because if they are not caring about the government regulations now, how they can comply you later on.

  • g singh - 9 years ago

    Uber is a very bad idea cuz of how they are insurance and vehicle inspection driver's record also criminal record check they have bin getting kicked out a lot of US cities for the same reasons listed

  • vanciity - 9 years ago

    keep Uber out of vancouver. We have laws and rules and Uber does not want to play fair.
    -Whats happens if you get into an accident and not insured correctly?
    -What happens if driver has a criminal record or physically harms a passanger the passenger ?
    -For reading all the reviews on the internet employee Uber drivers (low wages) make less money then they would driving a cab for a living ?

    When things go bad, Uber plays that always-annoying "what, who, us?" game.

    There have been too many instances of this, but one really sticks out: A young girl crossing the street with her mother in San Francisco back in December was killed by a motorist who told cops he was working for Uber. Uber immediately released a statement saying he was not working for Uber, then released another statement clarifying that he was indeed logged on to the Uber app but not doing business for Uber at the time -- in other words, he was between passengers, which, according to Uber, meant they bore no responsibility. After all, you see, Uber isn't a transportation company, as they'll delight in telling you. They're a technology company. Drivers download the app and passengers hope for the best. If anything goes wrong? Uber has a bad habit of washing their hands. A wrongful-death lawsuit has been filed against the company.

    Uber doesn't screen its drivers adequately.

    A driver in San Francisco that attacked a passenger physically and verbally was later found to have passed Uber's "zero-tolerance" background check with flying colors, despite a colorful criminal history. Another in Los Angeles bragged to NBC that she had a "three-page rap sheet." A test of drivers in Chicago revealed that many of them had almost zero knowledge of the city, which at the very least, is a disservice to passengers.

    Cabbies may not be angels, but neither are Uber drivers.

    Where to start -- the Los Angeles driver who held a woman's phone hostage for a $500 ransom, after she left in in her car? Uber apologized, deactivated the driver's account and essentially told the passenger to cross her fingers and hope for the best. Back in Chicago, another driver sexually assaulted his female passenger, landing the company in legal hot water. Give them credit, I guess -- this time, they actually acknowledged the complaint, as opposed to playing the "she's lying" card. (Always a classy move.)

  • Dave - 9 years ago

    Uber using Canadian free roads and taking the profit out of country.... The drivers not paying taxes on their income and not willing to pay respect to regulator bodies of any countries.

  • abdulgani - 9 years ago


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