Do you like the new set rate taxi fare zone system for travel from Vancouver International Airport?


  • Alex - 8 years ago

    My fare is typically $12 from the airport to just across the bridge. It's now $20, and I resent subsidizing other people's fares. I didn't give a tip that day as I only had a $20 bill, and I was so shocked, too. I will do all I can to never EVER take a taxi in this city again, airport or elsewhere.
    PS the wording of the poll sux.

  • Michael Reid - 8 years ago

    As much as a flat rate seems reasonable I was shocked last night to have to pay a $37 flat rate for a taxi ride that would normally cost me $25 at that time of the night as it was only a 15 min cab ride. I believe instead the passenger should have the choice of either a flat rate or meter.

  • bill - 8 years ago

    I used to pay about $14 for a taxi from the airport to my home. Now it is $20. That is highway robbery. totally unacceptable. that is a 43% increase. especially bad since the price of gas has gone down so much.
    I hope uber comes to Vancouver soon.

  • Meredith - 8 years ago

    I am in the same boat with everyone else living in East Van and commercial drive... A previously 30 dollar strip is now 41... +tip. I HAVE to take the sky train now.

  • Donna - 8 years ago

    From my home in east van it is never more than $30. now with fixed rate it will be 41? the highest in the region. ridiculous. they had lost my business. I'll pay a friend.

  • Candance - 8 years ago

    Oh my god! PLEEEASE stop thinking that people are total idiots and can't tell this is a rip off...not to mention they r trying to make themselves look like heroes after being such asshats about Uber coming to Vancouver! If u want to impress people or truly care about providing a good service, try making the fares a few dollars LESS than what it would cost on average! Uggggggh

  • Markku - 8 years ago

    And why is Surrey and White Rock not included in this taxi fare scheme ? We are still part of the Metro Vancouver area .

  • ian - 8 years ago

    Start taking pictures of your meter. ... The most expensive, in rush hour cab ride to my place in north east van has been 36... Guess the tip is built in now.

  • unknown unknown - 8 years ago

    These rates are ONLY beneficial during Rush Hour.

    All other times of day, this will cost you $2-8 MORE than you would pay now.
    This is a tourist trap if I've ever seen one. Just like the "fee" to leave the airport on the Skytrain that was supposed to exist just for the Olympics, yet still exists.

    Wont be long before Cab companies try to implement "flat rates" to everywhere from everywhere when they can gouge this much.

  • vicky - 8 years ago

    It should be which ever is less costly is how much you pay. If I'm taking a cab from hastings and boundary and it only costs $30 to get the airport normally then why do I now have to pay $41?

  • Bob - 8 years ago

    I am one block from the other zone and I'll pay $8 more??? Ridiculous!! No thanks!!

  • Manuel - 8 years ago

    It's definitely a fare increase for me to the West End. I took a cab a few days ago from the airport to my apartment and the metered fare was $30.50.

    What they might consider is using the flat rates but also have the meter running. Which ever is less between the flat rate and the metered fare is what you'd pay. This takes into account time of day traffic, heavy and light traffic, detours etc.

  • Matthew - 8 years ago

    It's a $5-10 fare hike for me, in the West End, compared to what I pay now, depending on traffic. :/

  • Randy - 8 years ago

    We live a block away from the cut-off and now will pay $6 more than we do now for each trip!!!!

  • Chuck - 8 years ago

    Oh look, I just voted "No" 10 times. This poll is useless as anyone can easily manipulate the votes. Don't look at the numbers, look at the comments. It's pretty obvious what people think based on the overwhelming negative feedback.

  • James - 8 years ago

    This is ridiculous! Unless you're taking a cab in the middle of rush hour, these rates are guaranteed to be higher than you'd otherwise pay using the fare meters. This is collusion.

  • Lyssa Marcil - 8 years ago

    Come on! This is great news. Honestly the ones 'not liking' this news is the cab drivers :p

  • noel cleveland - 8 years ago

    What about surrey, cloverdale and White Rock Burnaby etc

  • Jelena - 8 years ago

    What about to other areas of the lower mainland?

  • Brad - 8 years ago

    Take the Canada Line if you can!

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