How do you feel about Dillons leaving Springfield? (Poll Closed)

  • I'm not happy about it
    267 votes

  • Not going to miss them
    25 votes

  • Doesn't matter to me
    69 votes

  • Other
    6 votes

Poll posted 5 years ago.

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  • christina - 5 years ago

    i think pricecutter has no right to take away business from dillons believe me i think pricecutter is expensive and there prices are way to high and they are not very friendly
    i hope we can have another grocery store and not pricecutter

  • Tony - 5 years ago

    Prices are going higher!! It is a real shame that another competitor is leaving the market. Price Cutter's selections are lousy, and their prices are higher. Dillon's (part of the Kroger chain) was the only one offering reasonable prices on staple items such as milk, eggs, and bread. Lord help us!!!

  • Nancy - 5 years ago

    I am beyond disappointed. It was a great place toshop. And ll departments and especially the employees were exceptional!
    2014 Apparently the "suits" don't think there's a market in Springfield.
    They had a very different opinion when they came to Springfield and put my past employer out of business.
    The worst part is for the 400+ employees some who have been there for 30, years. The only job they have ever had. It's really sad to go into those stories now. No stock, employees just look like deer in headlights. They have no idea when it will be over. They have to try and stay or they will loose everything right before Christmas.
    A very pitiful exiit. Absolutely no consideration for the people that made them alot of money over the years.
    Watch out "suits", there are "suits" above you too. You too will be gone.

  • Deborah Davis - 5 years ago

    Hate to see Dillons closing doors. Hopeful that Kroger or other company associated with them will reopen here soon. Going to miss products only they carried. We need more choices of shopping

  • caroline - 5 years ago

    I cannot believe they are closing.I always found the people that worked for dillons as very helpful.Maybe they were too much competition for some of the other grocers.I WILL MISS DILLONS.WHY?????????

  • Adriana - 5 years ago

    I am NOT happy about it

  • edward - 5 years ago

    I'm going to miss shopping at Dillons. The produce section at the east Sunshine location was the best in town.

  • cathy - 5 years ago

    Totally Disappointed.
    Dillons is the best grocery store in town. Nice people, clean stores, Great Sells.
    Don't like the was that Kroger did not consider any advanced notice on the pharmacy closing, and transferring perscriptions to Walgreens, my perscription went from $16.00 every 3 months to $292.00, this is Outrageous. They need to reconsider there impact on Springfield, And stay. We Need less Walmarts and Price Cutters in this town. Price Cutter is the Most expensive Grocery Store here and 4 more here are NOT needed. More people (children) will be going hungry in this town do to only having high priced grocery stores left to shop at.

  • Sarah - 5 years ago

    Maybe you should not believe everything you read. Price cutter bought the Dillons real estate. They did not buy them out. Dillions wanted out of the market. So quit blaming price cutter.

  • Ronda - 5 years ago

    I was very upset about this for the fact that was no warning I have being customer for a while and went to fill meds to be told the news which to me doesn't show any consideration to their customers very unprofessional

  • Greg - 5 years ago

    I'm not just "unhappy", I'm OUTRAGED.

    There is no justifying this decision. The stores are almost always bustling with customers. Theirselection of products (esp store brands) are excellent and of high quality.

  • Brian - 5 years ago

    Dillions leaving is a disappointment for customers and employees. Especially for customers and employees that live on the North side of Springfield. Yes, there is Wal-Mart, which I despise because of long lines, excessive people, high prices and usually everything in stock except what is needed. I only hope a comparable store to Dillions moves in and offers similar prices.

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