Why can't that brotha find a good sista to marry?


  • Dazz - 8 years ago

    Time for lame ass niggas to come out the closet. Most of all, to themselves. How much of the world's problems would be solved if we could just be honest with ourselves about our limitations? We could probably cut down on street harassment!

    The first step is admitting that you have a problem. Not everybody is gonna find someone. Maybe some of us hype ourselves up so much for relationships that we never emotionally prepare to be okay with being at peace with just ourselves.

  • KJ Dolla - 8 years ago

    Coming from a single male in the dating game, it is hard to find quality women out here. But this dude is lust lame as fuck. Being all sensitive and lacking any testosterone. He needs to get his shit together and realize if you can't get ANY woman, then the problem is you not them.

  • Olivia - 8 years ago

    No amount of money, or lack of it, could keep a cool person from having a date for more than a decade. This guy is a flowery-language-abusing, terrible writer who thinks he is a genius. Is there any more unattractive a quality in a non-serial-killer? And the dude can't even buy dinner on top of that? Come on.

  • Chi Love - 8 years ago

    Chi Love think that motha fugga need to gro some balls and stop being a beyotch. Maybe his breath stank or he just not approaching the lady like a lady. Chi Love has had lot of fine fine ladies which he has loved for many hours at a time. Chi Love has his stroke game together,Chi Love Also make good azz pancakes because dinner always leads to breakfast.

  • 0roburos - 8 years ago

    First things first, GREAT episode of #DeyWalkin and yeah i found it to be a suspenseful look at the plight of the no longer privileged american whitegirl. The Cheshire grin at the end of the episode was all about her knowing "Rick and the Crew" were gonna be coming to save her ass in due time.The show (Walking dead & TBGWT) keeps getting better and better, and not for nothing, its good to see former Black child actors gettin work (Tyler James Williams got big,) Im sure after a few Episodes his Hollywood career will be back on track, if he wants.

    Now about that Lena Dunham. I posted earlier that "if she were black" her career would have been over as soon as that book dropped, guess I was wrong. Her shit seems to be cooked. Cancelled appearances over seas and im sure no one is calling to have her "new Projects" a look.(Hope she saved her money) Im just waiting for the Kickstarter and Go-fund-me sites to pop up to help with legal fees to fight against the "New Allegations from kids she used to babysit, that will no doubt appear. Damaged goods people. Her career is Over.

    Wait, one more thing. Snatching women off the streets in Philly, Damn Shame. Yeah them boys dont play.

  • Cappadonna - 8 years ago

    Man, this humble bragging, bougie ass porch monkey is simping like a Drake song. He should join up with that self hating, thirsty broad writing for Huff Po from a few weeks ago to form a beautiful matrimony of Jack & Jill cotillions, Sag Harbor vacations and why Black people without college degrees need to pull up their pants. Or even better - hook him up with that fool Tara Setmayer from "Fucking with Black People". Please, please quarantine these self loathing, buck dancing, overly articulate moon crickets so we can get on with helping our people.

    Sadly, I used to be like this dude - a dorky chump with a college degree & high IQ who wonder why hot women wouldn't date me. I'm smart, I'm a nice guy...blah, blah. Then, around my 30th birthday, I finally realize I'm kind of a dick and need to grow up. Wow saw me as a pompous ass - maybe because I was acting like one. I also needed to stop chasing these women trying to fulfill stuff I was lacking internally.

    As someone who didn't get married until I was 34 and are recovering "Nice Guy" - my advice to this down low MRA chump is to either get over himself. Dude, I went to the same schools as you did and know plenty of cats who have fancy fellowships and accomplishments. I don't make 6 figures nor do any of friends. We're all married to successful women. Its not the income brackets, its, to borrow a phrase from the Church, spiritual bankruptcy.

    And frankly, the reason why this cat can't get a woman who make six figures might because this ass probably does nothing but brag about his accomplishments & he's coming off as an academic gold digger - find a rich broad so he can write "The Great American Novel" while getting on his girl's HMO. And to your point, there are plenty of fine sisters who make 60K who would love to build a life with a "good man".

    The writer is a classic herb - an insecure, lame ass dude with a lot of fancy degrees who needs to realize academics, pedigree and intelligence isn't the same as maturity.

  • PrinceLeron - 8 years ago

    He is lame as shit. I had one major problem with his argument. He tried being humble but bragged about himself the whole time. It could that all that shit you did in Europe is not all that impressive. And why would anybody be impressed that you speak a language that no one else knows. And I think that a successful black woman can tell the difference between a nigga playing PS4 all day with a guy who is well traveled and wants be successful. Also, he makes it seems that he is okay with being broke for the rest of his life or that he will never advance. And I feel like he is saying that any woman below his level of sophistication is a dumb-ass ratchet bitch. There is nothing worse than a broke bougie nigga.

  • skyjammer - 8 years ago

    Opps - mixing up the shows man too many podcasts... BTW LAN is a LAN - ( Lame Ass Nigger )

  • skyjammer - 8 years ago

    Mannnnn Harriet Beth Tubman is the Best.. when Carol wakes up Grady Memorial Hospital will be crunk!!!!!

    I'm guessing Beth will die in next episode... so her sister can feel guilty for picking Glenn over her...

  • Mike in London - 8 years ago

    "Why can't that brotha find a good sista to marry?" He sounds like a classic passive aggressive "nice guy" filled with shame and rage.

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