How are you feeling about the new Smaug?


  • kodiak - 9 years ago

    Pease excuse my English, I am a french speaking Swiss. Anyway :
    In 50 years as a profesionnal of marketing communication B2B, which is less "forgiving" (to be polite) than B2C I never saw so bad a move in this profession.
    Imagine a smaug that a tenacious but no spender player can reasonnably beat for fair rewards : it would be a good selling proposition for Kabam in the ruthless competition of games.
    And guess what ? This tenacious player would be thirlled by his gains... and probably spends as much as he can.
    Generally speaking, Hobbit KOM costs 25-35% too much and rewards 25-35% not enough... a winning pole position... for the competitors.

    And don't try and post disparaging comments on the forum of kabam : they mysteriously disappear.
    Try it : go the the page and click on the link "a lot of negative feedback".

  • Mindy - 9 years ago

    Problem is the might is so high, you have to use a RoI to make it worth attacking. Without using a rune, you lose too much might. So no, the might is too high. Would like the might to drop about 20/30%.

  • Judd - 9 years ago

    Like the changes to keep gameplay fresh. Only criticism is now it's much easier to obtain gear with stronger performance, but to enhance any abilities nearly all other gear makes no impact on unlocking attributes. Before Pilfered & Prisoner sets came with 2 unlocked attributes which helped contributing when enhancing stronger sets. Now I have over 20 pieces of gear with 3-4 attributes to unlock but hella challenged to make this happen without Smaugs old sets as available.

  • Brian - 9 years ago

    The erebors chest can be good, I got a 20 token out of it, I wish they appeared more often. The erebors tokens are an absolute joke. 10 tokens to exchange for a chest that is a normal prize for beating smaug once? That's ridiculous!

  • MysticalSpirit - 9 years ago

    Basically all that really happened is better drop rates but greater might loss. Now you can win a lot of tokens but this last one token premium I noticed that I wasn't getting the better chest with might like I use too. With all this constant complaining by folks who have the dollars to buy might us poor folks I feel like we are always on the loosing end. Is it worth it the new smaug. I was quite content with the previous smaug.

  • TerrH - 9 years ago

    Those that mailed into Kabam that are big spenders got troops, tokens and other things from Kabam when complaining about smaug the $20-$100 a month and non-spenders got computer letter responses. Who are the big spenders going to play with when we all leave in frustration.

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