Is that really Pinky in the video?


  • Chi Love - 8 years ago

    Chi Love has to give it up to you gentlemen, That was an A1 conversation about porn. Chi Love thought he was the only one that thought Lacy Duvalle was terrible. at 1st she was the Ebony queen of the Vivid videos with that pancake bottom and large top. She was terrible....She never fooled Chi Love when she got her butt done, she must have went down to Brazil to get it for cheap.

  • PrinceLeron - 8 years ago

    Pinky need to go straight into the BBW videos. I knew it was her because the dancer was moving with so much confidence and so little shame. And that was a good scumbag convo and I’m bout to add to it. Firstly, I never like Roxy Reynolds and didn’t understand why she became popular. Sasha Grey will be back. She was too nasty to get this clean of a break from the biz. And I remember the DVD days. When I was 16, I only had one porn DVD and it was a Jake Steed productuion. The problem was that this nigga had a music video at the beginning that you couldn't skip. That shit was the worst. It might have been different if Brian Pumper was in that joint. Lastly, there is a documentary on Netflix named “After Porn Ends.” I watched it about a month ago and it is pretty good. It is very sad or very arousing depending on what kind of scumbag you are. There were at least five points in the documentary where I literally put my hands on my hips. Porn scouts know where to find them.

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