Was The Chick Fil-A sign too restrictive?

  • da_ticklah - 8 years ago

    The manager has a right to dictate behavior when staff is in front of customers, staff attitude or presentation can can be seen as a part of the decor for a business. Aside from food quality, one of the reasons I like Chick-fil-A over places McDonalds or Wendy's is that the staff are always clean, friendly and articulate, with none of that mumble mouth fuckery that McDonalds seems to excel at.

    But the folks in the back on fries can be on fleek and ratchet all day long if that's what it takes to get through a grease filled day.

  • PrinceLeron - 8 years ago

    These young niggas are so good. I get the filling they are purposing talking that way to upset the manager. All they are trying to do is make him/her mad and have fun. I remember when I was young and me and the guys was spitting that lingo. Imagine some country ass niggas speaking slang that we learned by listening to dipset albums. And the story lead to rod discovering the P.O.P. video.

  • Chi Love - 8 years ago

    Chi Love gets down with the spicy chicken biscuit but that's about. Those kids should calm that shit down. Last time I was there one of the workers said something about thot walking to get my lemonade....Like Chi Love didn't know what a thot was. Chi love got thots by the pound. Shout out to Reece & Peaches!!!!

  • Spacely - 8 years ago

    Based on this list, nobody was cursing, and nobody was saying "the n-word". So what the problem is?

    Granted, I would be annoyed if I had to hear that all day at work, but that's why I don't work with children. I would be coming up with so many other words, to keep Eric writing them down.

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