Would you go for DSTV or Zuku TV?

  • Lawrence - 3 years ago

    The biggest problem is DSTV is not attached to the Ugandan football fully. Its only the British and Italians benefiting from Ugandans and nothing to boost our local sports.

  • Smith - 5 years ago


    we have problem i will mainly bass on Zuku. I think as Company must be with workers in each depertment and they will be paid accordingly.

    The biggest problem Zuku has is. They make good design of there website but they put there wrong email adresses and contact number.

    On ther papers if you contact them on email, i think it will take year plus to receive reply from them. If you decide to contact them on number, only machine answering recorded you hear.

    If they make change in rates channels and other services, they never consider that they need to change what they put on there website in terms of Upgrading there websites. What they posted in January 2014 is the one you still find in 2016.

    Are they serious with what there doing or there faking because someone who fake, what he put on sign post is not what is doing inside he's shop. Now look on are you doing what is on your website ? Waiting to read from you.


  • sarah - 5 years ago

    DSTV should provide another toll free line apart from 0312245245.
    There times when their services are down and all the phone lines are simply un reachable.
    The customer care is still lacking considering that there not operational 24/7.

  • Rutechura Musheshe - 6 years ago

    with time we shall run away from zuku tv. us in fort portal pay for the services and only to find zuku zone channel only. others are scrambled for days. it still has along way to go.as i talk no channels since yesterday.

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