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What is your opinion about using animals such as fruit flies and mice on campus for biomedical research? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 953

  • retraite complémentaire - 13 years ago

    it's a big question but if this could make the science better why not

  • warts home remedies - 13 years ago

    i don't support it as well.

  • Toys 2010 - 13 years ago

    Great poll folks, I think we all will learn something.

  • Anti Snoring Devices - 13 years ago

    There's a huge difference between a fruit fly and a mouse.

  • Dick - 13 years ago

    Suck my dick

  • Référencement gratuit - 13 years ago

    I don't support it!

  • RiceCooker - 13 years ago

    I know that this poll is closed, but I just wanted to add that I total support it.

  • down comforter sets - 13 years ago

    Well well I like pools where I can tell my opinion.

  • farmville book - 13 years ago

    This is unbelievable. Great poll...

  • l - 15 years ago

    I agree with Summerlilly. I feel that we must extend our compassion to those at our mercy. Many small animals have no legal protection for humane treatment. Many drugs have been tested on animals that showed no adverse affect on them but did when then used in humans. The poll question only said, for example fruit flies and mice. But I wonder, and others may, if there are cats and dogs used at all on campus. It is an interesting juxtaposition with the current story in the news of the dog abuser. If the question had said cats or dogs, I think the responses would be different. And the statistics for "I don't support it" might rise.

  • Summerlilly - 15 years ago

    To the Cowell College Graduate. It's not a question of ignoring "real world problems." I am a dedicated vegan and animal rights activist. I think human issues are just as relavent as animal related issues. But, unlike many people, I do not believe animal issues are less important. Everyone needs a voice. We are the voice for animals. I believe that as humans we have the compassion and the power to treat all living beings with respect and equality. Unfortunately, the earth and all those who share it with us pay deeply for the advancement of the human race. While, I cannot say that many lives have not been saved by sacrificing the lives of animals, I believe that we should not put ourselves and the human race above all else. In this day and age we should be capable of finding alternatives or at least trying to. Have you ever seen footage of animal testing? To look into the eyes of a Chimp and feel its pain and knowingly cause its suffering is something that makes my faith in human kind waiver. To say that these issues are not relavent or are less important is the reason we are destroying the planet, ourselves and all those who share it ith us. I try to live a life of non-violence and compassion in as many ways as possible. Rather it be a fly, a mouse, or a human who are we to cause suffering to one so another can live?

  • Ben - 15 years ago

    To those of you who don't support animal research: would the world have seen a polio vaccine if Jonas Salk had not done "heinous" and "cruel" things to animals? - How should we test new cancer and AIDS drugs: on humans with no clue of what will happen, or on animals, in a controlled environment, to first test their safety? I support animal testing because without it, biomedical research would be severely hindered and limited and humans would be placed in the precarious position of having to find humans only to test on - a position I cannot ethically agree with.

  • r - 15 years ago

    they're actually fruit flies (Drosophila) and both species can be equatable in the sense that they both have nervous systems. both have sensitive nerves surrounding their entire body. how do you think flies know when to fly away when we're attempting to kill them with our hands? it's not just their eyes. it's also the nerve endings on their skin that can feel the pressure of air that comes ahead of our swatting hand. so, i think if people are worried about animal testing, they should be concerned about ALL animals that are being used. not just the poor little mice that we as humans feel more attached to because they're both mammals and supposedly more complex animals.
    i personally support animal testing, but if you disagree, than be consistent and not hypocritical.

  • m - 15 years ago

    The way the question is phrased is absurd. Fire flies (insects), and mice (mammals) are not equatable. Mice have got very sensitive nerves and organs, they suffer excruciating pain when needles full of drugs are injected into them. I am against all torture.

  • Disagree with K - 15 years ago

    Why is everyone getting so touchy-feely about mice all of the sudden. Some of you dissidents should ride along with a pest control professional for a day. You will find that the mice living on UCSC have some of the happiest and healthiest lives a mouse could find on Earth. Yes, their every whim is controled by humans, but have you looked at the prison-industrial complex lately...we do the same things to our own species.

    For K, have you ever experienced stress? It is a natural condition that many species go through in order to survive in their harsh environments. As a former paid participant in scientific studies on Science Hill at UCSC, I was required to do activities that raised my levels of seritonin, a horomone positively correlated to stress.

    So should we argue about mice and flies, or should we confront some more dangerous issues going on in Santa Cruz? Are you really more concerned about mice than the thousands of children living in debilitating poverty in Santa Cruz County. What about the people who sweep mice fecies off the floor at poverty wages? The arrogance and disconnect from real world problems among college activists is very alienating for me. I used to think you guys were on to something, but now I work in a warehouse and feel much more at home.

    --a recent Cowell Graduate

  • Agree with K - 15 years ago

    Completely agree with K. I guess I would be "I support it" with an asterisk next to it pointing to K's comment. I know it's pedantic, but humans are animals too, so all the things K said apply to "human" research as far as I'm concerned.

  • K - 15 years ago

    While I believe that animal research is sometimes necessary, we should emphasize alternatives whenever possible. If and when we do use animal testing, we should treat animals with a maximum of care. This not only means adequate food, water, and pain relief, but also a non-stressful, comfortable environment. For example, I have read that caged rats are less stressed when provided with some kind of mental stimulation. Laboratory animals that are not stressed or in pain are not only happier, they may provide better research results, as the confounding physiological effects of stress can be reduced.

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