Should we deny Julien Blanc a visa?

Posted 4 years.


  • Conrad - 4 years ago

    Final word from me - Rotherham rape gangs. Where's your poll, your twitter campaign? Why are you not protesting on the steps of the town hall, at the police station for the non-arrests and non-prosecutions? In fact, why are you not protesting outside Parliament about these ACTUAL rapes that are still occurring?

    As I said in my last comment, you don't care

  • Conrad - 4 years ago

    Where is the uproar about letting in fundamentalists who have been successfully recruiting others to carry out terrorist attacks, have been involved in terrorist acts themselves, those foreigners, yes, FOREIGNERS, who have immigrated and are involved in fund raising for terrorist activities, the rich sponsors of terrorism that have 'business' interests and own property in the Britain? There are young girls that are tricked by their own families into going on 'holiday' to the 'homeland' and are coerced into forced marriages and genital mutilation. There are what is despicably and inappropriately known as 'honour' killings - a cultural practice that is alien.

    Where is the poll on this that I can vote in?Where is the twitter campaign?

    So, this guy teaches other guys how to pick up women. He uses manipulation. Well, so do women - you only need to go out on a Saturday night to witness that. Also, plenty of books out there that teach women on how to manipulate men into marrying. If this guy has really committed any assaults, there's nothing to stop him being arrested and prosecuted.

    Screw feminism - it, and it's proponents have zero credibility when they focus their protest on some woman being said 'Hello' to as she walks with someone filming her through a neighbourhood that never sees a film crew, when it focuses on some guy who has figured out how to sweet talk the knickers of some girls who want it anyway and smears this guy as a rapist. You do a great dis-service to true rape victims as it is they in particular who will suffer as people begin to no longer take the word 'rape' seriously any longer. The truth is you don't care about them anyway.

    Any women with half a clue should pay attention to what's in the offing here.

  • Emma - 4 years ago

    If the UK allow him in on a VISA, I'm moving to Canada.

  • Duh - 4 years ago

    I change my mind he's a sick fucking bastard who teach men to rape ......

  • Duh - 4 years ago

    Definitely not he should not be allowed to enter the uk it should a be a no brainer why should the government allow a man to enter their country and teach other men to do things that are wrong even though he's not out right teach them to badly abuse but he is teaching them to mistreat women in many cases people take things to heart .the men who took the classes some will eventually become worse they will start reasoning that what they are doing is right and I'm so angry at that bastard...... On the news we already hear news of rape and abuse men mistreating women and the world doesn't need anymore of that the world needs less of it....... If governments allow these kinds of people to teach others this we will in the long run destroy families, lives, happiness......
    But of course this is my opinion and but the result will be what the government decides.....

  • mayday - 4 years ago

    I don't understand how so many have voted he should be permitted to enter the UK. I don't care a knot about his rights as I believe millions of women also have rights! Women are sick of being treated like lower class citizens and of those who forget without women there would be no men to assault them!

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