Do you think Rob and Kristen are done for good?

  • Suzy - 6 years ago

    I think they should be friends but I'm sure twigs is so jealous she wouldn't allow it. I mean come on really? Kristen is a natural beauty, while twigs is simply just NOT! Bad choice Pattison she doesn't look good on your arm. Ugly ugly couple!

  • Iris - 6 years ago

    They are so not done, they are made for each other. Yes kristen made a BIG mistake by cheating on Rob but she knows that, she was young and they don't live in a normal world, by the way we all make mistakes in our life. And she appologized her for her mistake in public. Also fka twigs is not the right girl for Rob it is not his type of girl . And yaeh maybe she is a perfect girlfriend but just not for Rob he needs another kind of girl.
    And that Rob avoid kristen was not to prove his love to his new girlfriend he was just afraid to fall all over again for kristen when they would meet again. He knows that deep down he still loves her but he just don't want to admid it to himself because his mind thinks he had found a new better girlfriend but his heart just still belong to kristen ☺️
    Robsten forever!!! ❤️

  • Texasrose - 6 years ago

    I am 68 years old crazy about Rob, and I believe that Kristen is to they look great together and I believe that thay were ment for each other. Everyone cheats in some way or another, but we are human and should learn to forgive the ones we love.

  • Syira - 6 years ago

    K stew and r patz are good from each other he should get back with her young people make mistakes twigs is ugly she just want money not love k stew wants love

  • Abdullah - 6 years ago

    No twigs is a ugly bitch and I dont like her kstew look better

  • Selena Lopez - 6 years ago

    I think he is so done with her because after what she did to Rob and avoided her Friday for his new girlfriend he likes

  • Theamazingruf - 6 years ago

    I'm very glad that Robert has moved on. Twigs and him a perfect couple and their doesn't seem to be any signs of her going to cheat on him. Cheating is an absolute low and I can't believe Kristen would do something like that

  • Team Twigs + Rob - 6 years ago

    @Sergio, Twigs is a beauty. Kristen is a MAN.

  • Nobody forced Rob - 6 years ago

    Rob & Kris are done. Thank god. Also, I don't think Twigs MADE him avoid Kristen, I think Rob just didn't want to see her. Nobody wants to see her; her films keep flopping while Twigs' shows are selling out.

  • caz - 6 years ago

    I think Rob and Kristen are perfect for each other, fair enough she supposedly cheated on him but she was very young and had to deal with a lot of attention so surely she can be forgiven. This new 'girlfriend' is just not Rob's type and look how awful he looks now compared to when he was with Kristen. The sooner these two admit their feelings for each other, the sooner they can keep the majority of people happy.

  • Sergio - 6 years ago

    I think that Robert pattinson makes a cuter couple with Kristen Stewart then fka twigs becuase fka twigs is ugly and is a bitch and fka twigs just wants Robert pattinson for the fame not for love

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