Illegal Immigration: what should we do?

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  • sara - 9 years ago

    anyone and I MEAN anyone,that entered the United States prior to teddy the K reform UNDERSTANDS our total lack of comprehension in this present day invasion and welfare status to THEM.
    The way one entered was sponsored and that MEANS that the state was NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU AND YOUR BILLS. case closed. welfare ??? medicaid ? WIC foodstamps ??? you couldn't even ask and WOULDN'T ASK EITHER.

    quotas were enforced.
    federal laws regarding EMPLOYMENT WERE ENFORCED.
    WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED and exactly why is this going on when things were DONE,laws enforced and all with a pencil and ledger type book, no computers etc.

    enforce the existing laws, end this birth right citizenship that only APPLIES TO THEM,end the freebies and they WILL self deport.
    not another tax payers dime for them,their bs loiyuuhs,hearings etc.
    NO MORE.

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