The Poll Time wouldn't let you vote on: should we ban the word


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  • Owen - 9 years ago

    I know this is just a bit of fun but hypothetically speaking, if we banned the word feminism I wonder what would happen to not only the current movement itself, but also to the ability to oppose Its crazy ideas, as it could become a cluster fuck.

  • Matthew Carey - 9 years ago

    Odd, I wonder why it is that Bossy has suddenly surged ahead and is leading for the list of banned words?

  • AmirTut - 9 years ago

    Let's just ban everything, you know so we can "perpetuate" equality.

  • Alberto - 9 years ago

    Since you provided a custom entry option for "Other", can we see that option exploded in its results?

  • Shane - 9 years ago

    I wish i could vote for multiple choices. Ahh of those words that aren't actually words on this list should be banned. But so should feminist.

  • kevin dingo - 9 years ago

    i'm surprised bossy is coming second. i thought it would be waaaaay down at the bottom of the poll.

    fenminist is the word i voted for but i did that with a little hesitation. feminism has been hijacked. were as it use to stand for womens rigts (i'm going back to the time when women couldn't even vote) it's become a banner for a female superiority movment. look at anita sarkisaian shes trying to tell te world what is rigt and whats not. she isnt asking for women to be portrayed equaly (they genraly are) shes effectivly trying to portray woman as superior yet victimised because they are better then men. sorry all are equal none are superior. so yeah ban femanism because its come to stand for something far more sinister ten its intended usege (if i'm wrong please correct me (ps sorry for bad spelling etc i have a problem with words)

  • BluePrint - 9 years ago

    I voted against labels in general and generalizing labels in particular.
    Conversations would be immeasurably more productive, if we stop labelling ourself and others instead of discussing issues.

  • Strazdas - 9 years ago

    I voted "Troll". The usage of this word has gotten so over the top that anyone you disagree with internet is now being labeled a troll. It has lost all its meaning to the point where even dictionary authors have started changing its meaning. And while there is still a significant amount of people that know its real meaning, in general public it has become a toxic word thats better avoided.

    That is, if banning words was ever a good thing.

  • anon - 9 years ago

    I voted, Obviously...
    I just can't stand how it's used in some cases.
    OBVIOUSLY I'm joking and I'm sure no one here actually wants any words banned but you know.
    The second choice would be for feminism, just because how disingenuous that term is.

  • Anonymous - 9 years ago

    Literally is the worst one on that list. I cringe every time someone uses it as an hyperbole.

  • nanocreation76 - 9 years ago

    I voted bae. Fuck people who use the word bae. But feminist would be my second choice.

  • Mr.doodler - 9 years ago

    The fact that we have to ban words to prove a point is retarded at best.

  • Andy - 9 years ago

    To those saying it is bias, we already saw the non-bias percentages with feminism still wayyyyy ahead. I think this is here just for the idea that we have a right to vote on this and we cant be silenced by the Feminist power grip.

  • FLIP - 9 years ago

    Bit biased going by where your viewers are coming from, but yeah i hate femenism because what it's come to stand for, whiny people that talk about things and bring them up but wont ever do anything about -ACTUAL- problems outside of the first-world, like africa saudia arabia and muslim-culture when it comes to women, that's real sexism, videogames isnt, i'm against anyform of censorship, and Femenism has started to have a big role in journalism corruption and social media when it comes to silencing their oposition, see for example twitter, tumbler, wikipedia and media's BIAS partial to femenism's side, when they're trying to censor things that -THEY- dont agree with because it's against their political agenda, fuck that you as a person have a choice to wear whatever you want, and NOBODY has any rights to complain about it, it's YOUR choice wheter you're a man or a woman, if you want to wear women's clothing as a man or vice-versa, YOU ARE FREE TO DO SO.

  • Le Me - 9 years ago

    How about "problematic"? Can we ban that? Then none of these retards will know how to talk about anything.

  • Jonathan Gratox - 9 years ago

    I voted feminist, but I think this poll is a bit biased because most of the people who vote on it will be those watching your video, and most of those will be subscribers who share your views against modern feminism.

  • anon - 9 years ago

    None, censorship is evil no mater against who we use it.

  • Reece Dyer - 9 years ago

    I vote feminism not because I have hings against the movement itself, but how it has been portrayed over the past decade or so.
    People such as Anita Sarkeesian confuse themselves between "Feminism" and "Gender dominatators" or any wors in the category it relates to.
    Feminism is there to give women the rights in jobs, respect, and treatments.
    Feminism is no longer that meaning, feminism has become "The idea that all women are treated unfairly and want to stop anything that shows any discrimatory acts (even when It's not) when aome of the time it's the females choice (e.g. The poster model for GTA V, Pornographic images and modelling)
    This "female dominance" movement is not only degrading to men as the movements of Anita Sarkeesian explain all of the acts she claims as "toxic Masculinity", but it's also degrading to their own gender as it makes the feminist extremists look like social terrorists and unbeleivable dolts.
    I hope it is realised soon that human kind is the way it always has been, no matter how much these Feminist extremists fight, there will always be atleast one male or female descriminating not only genders but race aswell.

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