What do you think Melissa's new look?

  • LaShan Dancy - 4 years ago

    Mrs. McCarthy is and always have been a BEA-U-T-FULL person. She just took steps to take some weight off and has become a healthier looking individual. She is a brilliant actress and even a great motivator. Keep doing you Mrs. McCarthy and forget the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hotshot43 - 4 years ago

    Melissa is a beautiful person and one hell of an actress... I love her so much and she makes me so happy when I watch her... U go girl!!!

  • Janet - 5 years ago

    Melissa is a beautiful person even if she hadn't lost all that weight. Melissa makes the world a better place with all that humor and her smile.

  • Mary Lou - 6 years ago

    Melissa is such a beauty with her gorgeous dimples and pretty smile. She'll surely be a knockout when she loses all her weight. Just do it to be healthy though.

  • Ty-Hesha Hardman - 6 years ago

    She's beautiful, she been beautiful.... glad she wants to keep her self healthy... she is an awesome actor I'M a big big fan

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