Should Charles be allowed to get married?
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  • Edward John Mullins - 6 years ago

    What does it matter , he is eighty years old and will most likely never see the light of day outside the prison walls. He has the right to marry if he so chooses and I see no harm in it. What I wonder about more than anything is the motivation of the bride to be, as Andy Warhol said everybody wants their fifteen minutes of fame. She stands to make a few bucks from the news media through the reputation of Mr. Manson, no matter how revolting this union is and I'm afraid that is the worst part of this supposed news. All serial killers relish the limelight and love to read stories of themselves and this gives them a sense of importance feeding their craving egotistical megalomania. This absurdity should be ignored by the media entirely as I'm sure their are greater issues facing the country that need to be addressed.

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