Should the Church of England use the approved funeral service for people who commit suicide?

Posted 4 years.


  • Verica - 1 year ago

    Im coming from Christian Orthodox religion.I had experience as a child when my uncle comited suicide, he hung himself.Back than I didnt pay closer attantion, but I do remember when my aunty was complaining to one priest for refusing not to come to the funeral to finish his procedure.Now, im finding the answers here! I think people who killing them selves are the most bravest people to rase hand on them selves- and my uncle was carry father and very hard working man just disapointed in somethimg. I think we are all the same and the ceremony should be the same for everyone regardles on death.God shouldnt be judgemental,God should take his ship under his guards.I think someone else established this law! The killer can have proper ceremony, who killed millions; but someone who didnt kill noone who killed himself doesnt have that right.Not fair at all.They might mever step even on ant and they are judged and punished.No fair and no justice! This law meeds to be change. People need to have own ceremony and be burried with the rest of the not sudicidal people.WE ARE ALL THE SAME!!!!!

  • ukmedic - 1 year ago

    Compassion and understanding is a Godly trait, is it not?

  • Richard Lamey - 4 years ago

    I have to say that, while this is a sensible article in itself, I am an Anglican priest and I have never even thought of upholding Canon Law in this matter. Preparing for a funeral and taking a funeral, you deal with what is in front of you- a person who has despaired of life, a group of family and friends in shock and in need of human comfort and God's grace, and a God who is Love embodied. The law could be changed, of course, but I would want people reading the article to understand that it is a Law I have never heard of being upheld. Every priest I have heard of or know simply sees the need and responds.

  • John Holland - 4 years ago

    I understand why Canon Law forbade the burial of suicides according to Christian rites but, despite appearances we are judged by God alone and it is not for us to hand out punishment as we can never fully know: "twixt the saddle and the ground, he mercy sought and mercy found".

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