Do you think small, local businesses suffer because of a lack of sales tax charged online, on sites like Amazon?

Posted 4 years.


  • Theron - 4 years ago

    Ummm, Amazon has collected sales tax on orders for around a year now, so this is a misleading question.

  • Leo Sands - 4 years ago

    The Politicians in this state must learn to not overspend. The spending in this state is out of control. All they want is more money to spend or give away. We would not have to give companies ten years of free taxes, if we had a stable tax base and spending. You should not spend more than you collected the previous year.

  • Greg - 4 years ago

    Local retailers have the same opportunity to sell online to customers in other states and are helped by not having to collect sales tax. We the people are fed up with the uncontrollable appetite for our money so politicians can use it to buy votes instead of leading. That is the biggest reason most people don't want to alter the status quo.

  • Enid - 4 years ago

    When you buy online, the customer pays hefty shipping and handling fees. People but online for either convenience or to find something not readily available in their area.

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