What's your take on Silverlight's post-Olympic future?

  • Jeff - 11 years ago

    I dont have much to say about the silverlight except that the microsoft website showed my system requirements as valid and yet when i install, the programs says " your system browser doesnt meet requirements", go figure. Either way recently i became quite concerned about privacy rights as their have been problems with google's new buzz feature and what was being said across the internet. Anyhow I have a point and i am getting there. Alot of people dont know that privacy is now a big issue with browsers and such, so I started out with trying to use a proxy server and wondering " how in the heck do use a proxy and what is it anyways". I have found sites like proxy 4 free and others like it. I actually last week learned to use a free proxy and punched in the new proxy to my internet settings. Originally I went to the bbc olympic coverage website in the UK and it denied me access because of my host country the "US" was not allowed to watch something for free over there. When I changed my proxy to a UK proxy it allowed me access to watch the videos in the UK. Their player was pretty cool that the BBC uses and was very sharp. All I have is windows xp service pack 1 and adobe 10 player, it all worked and was great. All I know is that I watched something for free that originally was denied by the NBC website and the BBC website until I learned to manually change proxies myself. I was thanking god every which way that I found something that worked that night. I performed my first computer hack and didnt even know it, oh well. I was happy i watched some programming that i couldnt see over here. I dont have cable and I cant even pay attention.
    I just need some upgrades by far.

  • will w - 12 years ago

    One of the worst experiences I have ever seen. I am watching or trying to watch the encore games of the Olympics and the videos are too compressed and very choppy, very hard to watch. Compare that to FLASH videos I have seen, it does not compare in compression & quality. Microsoft must have paid a hefty sum to launch this. Otherwise if you see on the nbc.com site, they all use flash by choice. Now that I have seen the videos on the olympic site, I need to uninstall it. I stopped watching the videos because its killing my eyes. Microsoft needs to concentrate on VISTA instead and making their OS right before going into Silverlight.

  • Blah Blah - 12 years ago

    Watch it on TV. You chose to buy the Mac.

  • Terry Moore - 12 years ago

    I have a mac, without an intel processor. Can't use the software, view the videos or even see the bbc, cbc or any other broadcasts. Even if I had the microsoft garbage, why am I blocked from viewing other countries' feeds? Smacks of censorship, monopoly and big money politics. Am fed up with microsoft on a zillion levels. There is no reason for this;l they aren't charging for the access; they're giving it away. Jerks!

  • Sav Khetan - 12 years ago

    Silverlight is really at 1.0 compared to Flash's 10.0. Given that, I am really impressed with what it can do. I'm glad Microsoft is trying to partner with exclusive content owners to get users to download it. So far my experience has been seamless. I work in a web development company and we have built a few Silverlight players over the last year. I have to say that each time, our Silverlight experience is getting better and better.

    This technology is really far from catching up with Flash but so far it seems to be headed in the right direction.

  • Susanne - 12 years ago

    I've been very impressed with the video and streaming quality at NBCOlympics.com. I have never seen live events that good before (the color and image sharpness are great, and I'm not seeing any buffering on broadband).

    I was not that interested in Silverlight before. I am interested now.

  • Norman Clarke - 12 years ago

    I already had it, but I can't say that "I love it." Really, I don't care - As a user I just want sites to work and I don't care if that means Silverlight or Flash or whatever. It's like caring whether your email program is written in C or C++. Who cares other than the programmers who make it???

    I subscribe to mlb.com, who changed to Silverlight from their previous WMV based streaming applet last year. All in all it's proven *much* more reliable on my Mac, so I'm happy with it. Last year I used to have to reboot into Windows to watch baseball games, which sucked.

    I'm not sure I know why MS felt they had to go and make another, different version Flash, but kudos to them for making something that works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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