Which CBS Show(s) Would You Save?

  • Roy L - 6 years ago

    Person of Interest is still keeping my attention, I guess; if you don't watch all of the episodes, you might get a litttle lost...I also still am loving Criminal Minds as well; every cast switch that both they and CSI have done have worked out very well, in my HUMBLE opinion.

  • Tim - 6 years ago

    The Mentalist has been canceled since last season. They are on a limited run to finish. They won't waste money promoting it. I like it also.

  • No Lie I'll Miss It When It's Gone - 6 years ago

    Am I the only one voting for Two and A Half Men? xD

  • Carol - 6 years ago

    *Person of Interest was great until the scripts were so esoteric it made it impossible to follow. Why would they ruin a great show? Never missed first two seasons. My husband and I tried to watch this Season but gave up on trying to figure out what was going on. What a shame!
    *THE MENTALIST is a superb show. Here is it, just a few days from the Nov.30 premiere and not one commercial promoting it. What is wrong
    with these people.
    *NCIS New Orleans was disappointing. Should not have been Ncis. CIS New Orleans might have been much better. I'm from New Orleans. Was looking for more than "on the dock" and glitsy scenes.
    *Criminal Minds has a lack-lustre about it now that Prentiss is absent. Big mistake dropping her from cast.

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