Will Bill Cosby Be Back On TV?


  • Ratty Gadson - 8 years ago

    Cosby Show coming back? That "patchwork" bathrobe made me think of his Cosby Show sweaters.

    If he if was as white and rich as the cheesecake we eat white folk eat he could use the affluenza D. But when has a blah person ever gotten away with that?

  • PrinceLeron - 8 years ago

    The show will come back when this firestorm dies down a little bit. I just don't remember and scandal that someone of Cosby's stature wasn't able to overcome. I also can't remember the last time some brought up that Melbach music.

  • Cappadonna - 8 years ago

    He'll be back - despite this rather ugly blip, Bill Cosby is a comic legend & his TV reruns are gold mines for the TV industry. Give this a year and Twitter will move on to another shiny object. Despite what you feel about the charges or if Bill Cosby got away with murder (which I personally think he did) - social media may have a long memory but it has the attention span of spastic chihuahua on crystal meth.

    If being an allegedly rape-y dude was a death knell for a career - Woody Allen & R. Kelly would have been on the bread line years ago.

  • O4soldier - 8 years ago

    Fuck this dude..and his respectability politics..

  • 0roburos - 8 years ago

    What up people. So about that Bill Cosby, Like I said about the Lena Dunham, If she were black, well We all know Bill is, so his shit is COOKED. Took his Episodes of of TV Land.. Canceled Netflix Concerts.. Its gonna be a different world out there without him.

    BTW Don Lemon helpin, Did not help. Pulled out his "I been sexually assaulted" card faster than Gambit in that bad Wolverine Movie .. Someone need to bite his d#ck..

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