Who Will Win DWTS 19?

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  • Lynn - 7 years ago

    It's awesome to hear that Will Smith is watching and supportive of Alfonso. It woul be awesome if Will appear on a Tuesday night finale show. Alfonso and Witney: I am going out on a limb here and am going to say he will get a perfect score for both dances.

  • Trina - 7 years ago

    Call it growing pains or a growth spurt or just immaturity, but don't think Sarah has the grace or poise of the other three. She makes weird faces and inappropriate comments and excuses--and is more like a waddling duck than a graceful swan. No doubt she will improve--but her Daddy and Grandpa seem to be the ones in charge and Mark and Sadie are sitting in the background trembling in fear. Think Derrick has reached his limit--imagine having to ask your dancing partner to come up with the choreography because he has no ideas left. Val seems to think that the program is all about how a guy looks without his shirt or how fast he can fall in love with his latest student. Give him an old lady and maybe he will be able to focus on dancing ability rather than whether or not he can get his partner in bed. That leaves Alfonso--who might get it if his muscles are all healed. He is a good role model, works very hard to get his routine down, and he doesn't argue or put down the judges. It is his for the taking, if his body has healed enough. All the other "stars" seem to look to him for guidance.

  • Kathy - 7 years ago

    #Teamquackattack should win. Sadie and Mark are great together and they are less about the sexual, sensual dancing and more about the dance and having fun with it. They dance from the heart :)

  • Harry - 7 years ago

    Go vote Alfonso and Witney 1-800-868-3401 abc.com and FB. They deserve to win.

  • Johneisha - 7 years ago

    Just witnessed The Carlton Dance good luck in the finals!! I'll be rooting for you!! Alfonso is doing a great teacher!!

  • Julie - 7 years ago

    Witney Carson is the first 2nd years pro to go to the finals since Peta (S14). Peta went on to win that season. Alfonso Ribeiro I hope you win #DWTS you deserve it.

  • ln062737 - 7 years ago

    So happy Alfonso Ribeiro & Witney Carson have made it to the finale! Let's take home that mirrorball trophy #TeamWitfonso

  • Lynn - 7 years ago

    You are AWESOME! Tap your way to the finale! Alfonso and Witney got the mirror ball!!

  • donna - 7 years ago

    I am old school with allegience to same American values that I hope to see rise again thru the pure innocence of love for God and others displayed with such purity of heart throughout this season on dancing with the stars .God bless Sadie Robertson and America and Dancing With The Stars For Choosing Sadie Robertson to represent highest standards ever on DANCING WITH THE STARS!

  • Maddie - 7 years ago

    Janel and Val all the way!!!

  • alexandra - 7 years ago

    Alfonso deserves to win

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