How many seats will UKIP win at the next general election?

Posted 4 years.


  • Craig Alex - 4 years ago

    I didn`t see the box for no votes, as people are going to wake up and see that UKIP is a racist party. Ask yourself if you share support of your votes with the likes of EDL ? Wake up, we need change but not from the likes of UKIP. Please environment before immigration. How would you like to be told you couldn`t migrate to another part of the world? Fracking is going to pollute our water supply's and car fumes are poisoning us daily! Its time to stop being selfish and think of others. Thank you for listening. One world love.

  • C'YA EU - 4 years ago

    UKIP all the way.

  • White Van Man - 4 years ago

    Hundreds of Tory MPs campaigning in Rochester wasn't enough to hold back the march of UKIP. The Tory party will be consigned to History and Labour will be next.

  • William Vague - 4 years ago

    Vote Tory, get Labour.

    Love Britain, vote UKIP.

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