Is My Sister Ainsley as stoopid as she looks?

  • Yes, she is as stoopid as she looks
    7 votes

  • No, she looks so stoopid she can't possibly actually be that stoopid
    27 votes

  • It's hard to say - but she is purty stoopid.
    20 votes


Posted 5 years.


  • Christine Martin - 5 years ago

    Has anyone pointed out what a stinker you are? I myself was one of four children - the other three were boys - so I have personal experience in dealing with stinkers!

  • Max Snyder - 5 years ago

    Angus, there were some options missing !!

  • Murphy Moore - 5 years ago

    Well Sorry pal, But I think she is very hot!

  • Leah Mcintosh - 5 years ago

    Angus! Angus! Angus! Your sister Ainsley is very purty, but she is not stoopid! You Silly Boy!!

  • Angus Fala it didn't take you long to start picking on your Sister!

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