Do You Think Bill Cosby Did It?


  • Cappadonna - 10 years ago

    I hate to say it, because Cosby is a comic genius & I was working on a Brown Hornet re-imagining with my boy, but yeah, dude probably raped women, he certainly treated a lot of women like common hookers.

    To quote my boy - even if 2/3 of these women are lying their ass off - Bill Cosby likely raped at least 6 women and got a way with it. Like I said - it hurts me because I'm a fan but I also know women who were beaten and raped. But, yeah he's an asshole and a pig.

    That said, Rob, last I said Cosby got a way with murder. I didn't mean he actually killed anyone (though at this point I wouldn't be shocked if someone claims Cosby did have bodies buried in his basement) "Getting Away With Murder" is an expression of doing something horrible without repercussion. I didn't even know Cosby killing his son was a thing.

    Dude you're watching too much Shandra Rimes.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  • Natasha P - 10 years ago

    This should have been a poll with only one option . . . because even if I could somehow buy that 15/16/17 different women would all conspire to come out with false rape allegations; why in the world would they wait 30+ years to try to "take Cosby down"? The time for maximum vindictiveness would have been during the height of his career, not during his twilight years.

  • 0roburos - 10 years ago

    Bruh.. they not lettin this one BTW anyone see that New Black Dynamite (Animated) Episode? They go in HARD.. and wait till the ending credits. Peace.

  • Freezer - 10 years ago

    Quick note on Ben Roethlisberger: If you're using Google Docs and type "Rapelisberger", it doesn't flag it as a misspelled word. "Rapelisberger" is so widely typed on Google that it accepts it as a normal word. The Internet truly doesn't forget!@

  • SilentXMedia - 10 years ago

    To quote Dave Chappelle..."Oh, yeah. Beretta DID that shit."


  • MonkeyBlood - 10 years ago

    I'd let him slide if it was one or two accusers but it's 15 son! If 15 people say somebody is a theif then he probably stole from at least one of 'em.

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