Should women be employed for hand to hand combat?


  • Fat Steve - 10 years ago

    @Blocked Dwarf .....marching in jack boots etc ....For once I am persuaded by the argument .....far too easily persuaded

  • The Blocked Dwarf - 10 years ago

    "YES!"....marching in jack boots, skirts just above the knee, STARCHED blouses and maybe even BDM pigtails-*come on* , what's not to like?! Now excuse me while I go have a cold shower and a lie down.

  • john malpas - 10 years ago

    "Since we live on an island, we don’t have the need to protect fluid borders"
    What do you think the battle of Britain was all about then ?
    Anyway your leaders have invited the invaders in en mass. And you all are fleeing the cities.

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