What do you think of when you hear the term "corporate entrepreneur"? Check all that apply.

  • Rose Chisholm - 6 years ago

    The likelihood of significant contribution will depend on corporate culture and active C-level appreciation of that trait. It is not something readily appreciated in the life insurance industry.

  • Mark Metz - 6 years ago

    Good luck! This should be a very worthwhile read.

  • David Pearlstein - 6 years ago

    A "corporate entrepreneur" never says "because that is the way it has always been done."
    Too bad they are a rare breed.

  • Matti Suikkari - 6 years ago

    A professional who knows how to apply certain elements of self-employment within the corporate structure.

  • Miguel Silva - 6 years ago

    Interesting issue.

  • Saurabh - 6 years ago

    I liked this word. Corporate Entrepreneur is someone who can Identify opportunities (or as she would say, problems to fix), build a team, acquire resources and creating something of value.

  • Priya Ranjan - 6 years ago


  • Bandile Nodada - 6 years ago

    We need more corporate entrepreneurs to exploit opportunities that exist in the companies. This will also drive innovation.

  • Jeanne Leo - 6 years ago

    I think of a corporate entrepreneur as someone who has a different idea about a product, service, or process that could benefit the bottom line, either directly through additional revenue or through productivity. Often, if ideas do not come from a higher level, the idea is ignored. Leaders listen.

  • Douglas Stanley - 6 years ago

    Interesting question - I used to work at SAIC, where corporate entrepeneurship was sort of the mantra. If you weren't trying to drum up new business, and just doing your job, it was sort of frowned upon.

    Good schooling, but I figured out that for the most part, the only people that were making any real money were those that were former military, and were leveraging their DOD contacts for oportunities.

    Nice model though

  • Daniel Raiche - 6 years ago

    Corporate entrepreneur is a exactly the description I would give myself, what I have been for years. Now that I'm older it's my skill set that propels my career, something that crosses many paradigms from past work environments. As a self employed entrepreneur, as we all should be now, this is the new model for employment, contract work based on skill set, bringing the project to completion then moving on.

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