Who you got?


  • Ms Martha S. - 8 years ago

    What up Karen and my dude Rod, Them youngins be trippin, but imma let her live, for now. All i gotta say on the matter is When you go to my website you buy shit, on hers you talk about shit.. and who names her child Apple.. Damnn shame.. have you seen that tricks page? First picture you see of her is about 10 years old, and she showing all her cookies, like someone want a taste..

    How dare she call herself a lifestyle guru. She know who built this shit.. bitches be like crabs in a barrel. Answer this, when you have people over to your house, whos towels you break out, whos lotion you lather up with.. whos utensils u use to cook that turkey, and yeah i eats the turkey no veggy vegan over here.. (better ask somebody) Dont make me get Ugly. Bye Felicia.

  • Joe Spacely - 8 years ago

    Stew-Dogg is tight with Snoop and Busta. She's probably got some tats under those fancy sweaters too. Gwyneth would do well to watch her back.

  • chefboyardu - 8 years ago

    Clearly Ms. Stewart . Martha is an OG who has already been inside... and isn't afraid of going back.

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