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Radio Yorkshire Sports Personality of the Year


  • ClareG - 10 years ago

    Laura Beardsmore - World Champion (twice) and won title in the birthplace of Aikido Japan!! A phenomenal achievement in it's own right, but add to this she is a total amateur, paying for her own way in the sport, this is what sets her totally apart form the others. A true ambassador for sport in this county.

  • Stephen white - 10 years ago

    Good luck you deserve it ×

  • simon Leary - 10 years ago

    Kell Brook without a doubt, becoming welterweight world champion on American soil is a massive achievement

  • Ruth Pownall - 10 years ago

    Daryl Powell is inspirational. A guy who gets on with the job and is just a thoroughly great coach

  • ryan smith - 10 years ago

    If Kell brook doesn't win this then there is seriously something wrong. The man is world champion!!

  • tracy corbett - 10 years ago

    good luck mr powell you deserve it best super league team

  • John.collins - 10 years ago

    The only amateur nominee, and after listening to her being interviewed the other day... My winner irrespective of the vote result... Laura Beardsmore was a joy to listen to... What a role model to every young kid in gods county !! How she juggles her life being a full time dentist, British team manager and player is beyond me. And remember folks... Not a penny funding does she receive !!! ... Wow !

  • Jim Griffiths - 10 years ago

    Daryl Powell has proved that you dont have to splash the cash to create a successfull team, with very few additions he took the Tigers from nowhere to being the most exciting team to watch in Superleague all down to his integrity and getting the best from players who obviously want to play for him and the fans. Well done Daryl youve set the bar pretty high now mate.

  • Kath - 10 years ago

    Watched Laura's interview on Radio Yorkshire, what a true ambassador for Aikodo and so unassuming. She is a sports personality with a real personality. Top class!

  • Jordan Woodlock - 10 years ago

    Daryl Powell is the best rugby league coach in the whole wide world. He is doing an amazing job with castleford tigers and I believe he will only make us bigger and better in this up coming season.!! #inpowellwetrust #darylpowellsbarmyarmy

  • Kate - 10 years ago

    laura to win! She is a cracking sportswoman and a great coach! Go Laura!

  • Pammy P - 10 years ago

    Laura is a legend! Not only is she a Double world champion, but she has been instrumental in the growth and professionalism of the sport locally and nationally, and does all of this whilst working full time. She deserves the recognition!!

  • Debbie - 10 years ago

    Josh Warrington deserves to win, he is putting Leeds on the map for his undefeated fights and respects everyone who supports him. Good Luck Josh

  • Shaun Hoddy - 10 years ago

    Although Laura have achieved world champion status herself. She is instrumental in developing the future of British Aikido by encouraging youth Aikidoka to train with the national squad. Aikido may not have massive profile, but as a nation Britain has been one of the most successful nations in the world. Hopefully with Laura managing the national squad and the backing of the BAA the UK with be successful for many years to come.

  • VonRyan - 10 years ago

    Sport Aikido has a great champion in Laura as well as an active ambassador and role model for young aikidoka. Her passion, drive, generosity and willingness to share goes beyond her role as GB squad manager as her recent visit to Dublin has provided us with new training methods, insights as well as a renewed passion for the "sport" aspects of Aikido.

  • Richard Todd - 10 years ago

    A true sportswomen

  • Paul - 10 years ago

    Best of luck Laura x

  • Anna Campbell - 10 years ago

    Good luck Laura a great achievement so far you would be a great choice

  • Paul Evans - 10 years ago

    Best of luck x

  • Sheila Hyde - 10 years ago

    Good Luck Laura x

  • Caroline White - 10 years ago

    Laura is a true ambassador to Aikido, spending a great deal of time, effort and comittment investing in not only her own sporting career, but promoting and coaching younger individuals who aspire to her and her achievements. She is currently the GB Squad Manager coordinating the next Aikido World Championships to be held in Australia in Summer, 2015. I couldn't think of a more worthy individual to promote the sport, being highly driven, passionate, and personable. Aikido does not currently have a high sporting profile compared to many other sporting disciplines, nevertheless, the hard work, effort and discipline it takes to achieve as Laura has, is more than equal. Please give her your consideration in your decision. Thank you.

  • Lily Oloumi - 10 years ago

    The captain of the best and champion county

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