Is clay lanes haunted?

  • chizy - 7 years ago

    Many years ago I spend loads of my youth at my grans' house at the bottom of Union Hill next to the priory. My mate Rob Williams had recently moved from Gerald Road to Fern Hill Road, the Clay Lanes end of Merlins Bridge.
    One evening I arranged to go over to see him as I was up in Town for the weekend from Milford. Easy peasey, cut through the Priory (bear in mind my family had lived next to the 'ruins' for years and I had personally never experienced anything supernatural), climb up side of by-pass, passed Alderwicks, along the Lanes then Robs house, nice one.
    Can't really remember time of year but I do remember going over the bridge by the Whalleys house it was getting dusky. Up the hill picking up the pace, round the corner towards Haroldston House, then slowed and stopped in my tracks. Absolutely convinced there was 'something' lying in the road on the bend by the road appears to chicane. Thought at first it was a log or something but as I got closer and my eyes got accustomed to the fading light I had concluded it was no log. No idea what 'it' was and didn't fancy finding out.
    Freaked out a bit but decided to press on seeing I was closer to Merlins Bridge rather than Quay Street. So I picked my route, put my head down and ran! Kept running til Fern Hill, almost puked on Robs' doorstep and told him about my strange journey. He wanted to go and have a look, I reluctantly agreed to go with him as long as he brought at least one torch. He mangaged to find two and they both worked which was good for Rob. Went back to the spot where I thought I'd seen the 'something' but there was nothing to be seen. Nothing, nowt, nada. Just road.
    When it was time to return to Quay Street, needless to say I took the scenic route back - up Merlins Hill, across the Green to Market Street, down High Street, Quay Street and home. Still took dog out the Priory later that night though.
    In all honesty, I don't know what I saw. To this day I still couldn't tell you what it was or wasn't. As the years went by I got myself a moped, then a motorbike and used Clay Lanes on a pretty regular basis throughout the day, night and everything else I saw there I could explain but that night, now at age 45, I still can't explain.
    Even as I type now in 2015, I got a bit of a tingle down the spine as I relived that walk to Rob's house, brrrrr.

  • Eloise Bennett - 7 years ago

    I have seen many beings in that area, I lived in Merlins bridge for 7 years and walked & drive this root many times. If walking I always felt I was being followed, I have seen monks in the lanes and one night one followed me home and we saw it in our home. I also had a young man in his 20's who had died in the early 1980's in the back of my car I saw him in the mirror and he made me jump he left the car just before the bridge over the fly over. I agree there are many beings waiting to go to the light in that area. ☺️

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