Should these players be reprimanded for making this gesture on the field?


  • j farrar - 10 years ago

    If these losers really wanted to show "support" for the people of Ferguson. Maybe they should donated a games pay to the people who lost their businesses because of the looters. Instead of showing support for the criminals.

  • LN - 10 years ago

    Exactly what LAW did these NFL players break? For that matter, the ploice union did not even STATE what the offense was. They just didn't like what the players did. And RESPECT? How much respect did the police show this slain young man who laid out in the street for four hours for all to see? I've seen them immediately cover up the body of a deceased person. Heck, sometimes they even pitch a tent iver them! The police just continue to widen the divide between them, the public (whom they are SUPPOSED TO PROTECT AND SERVE) and Peace. Until the police change their actions and way of thinking, there will be no Peace.

  • V - 10 years ago

    Really? Punishment? You punish Wilson for using Mike Brown for target practice!!

  • zack - 10 years ago

    You people are ignorant, this was already Rogen to not be the way the incident went down ,instead of paying attention to the science of things you pay attention to media and latch on to the first thing you read ... get the facts

  • Crystal - 10 years ago

    Interesting. You did not get upset when a policemen got away with shooting an unarmed man but you want action against football players who acknowledge a miscarriage of justice? Please!

  • will - 10 years ago

    We Do not Owe White malicious People an Apology...for many black lives lost....period! besides it behooves me, when white people claim blacks are so violent, that they forgot how violent their hypocritical ancestors and great grand parents hung blacks on trees and stood there an watch by the that's a sick ass race of people!

  • nimiquel r bywaters - 10 years ago

    Thugs huh so what should we call cops that murder unarmed victims? Are you sayn cops 1st amendment rights are more important? Its ok youll watch nfl games and love it. Weak cops made this bed now all of you can lie in it! Enjoy! If anyone should be punished its cowardly cops that support the murder of unarmed americans!

  • Cynthia pickens - 10 years ago

    This is enough from you cops. He got away with murder. Everyone is upset. Blacks, whites and so on. You cops need to go sit down somewhere and leave people alone. You Won!!!

  • Armistead C. Powell - 10 years ago

    I'm on the side of Officer Wilson. I consider myself a moderate. The SLPOA showed no class and very little tolerance for those who speak up. I'm ashamed of their behavior and pray I'm never pulled over in St. Louis.

  • Tamara Smith - 10 years ago

    The Police Association stated thatthe people that burned the business down and poor people of Ferguson do not buy the tickets so the five players need to rethink their actions. Money didn't and do not matter because majority of the players in the NFL identity with Mike Brown's living situation of poverty and the oppressed people of Ferguson not the cops who have probably stereotyped them before their NFL careers

  • Regina Barbour - 10 years ago

    Tell them to kiss your ***! Yeah I said it. An apology...really? How was the law broken? Don't worry I'll wait!

  • Danita - 10 years ago

    So are they saying they will withhold police protection or 'look the other way' if the NFL does not comply? These are the tactics that we are talking about! Bullies!

    The looting thugs may not be buying products, but the rest of us that peacefully protect injustice DO! The players peacefully protested...end of story.

  • tracy sims - 10 years ago

    We as American citizens are tired of police brutality!! They kill blacks, Brown's, yellows, and whites! It is not limited! It is time for change in our country. They assault people and the judicial system backs them up! They shouldn't be proud of killing anyone! I say job well done to the ball players! They are representing their state. I believe that Missouri is a decent state, not ruled by hatred and biased people! The United States as a whole needs to check into whose policing the police and judicial system!!!! God help America!

  • Merf - 10 years ago

    the players on the Rams team have investigated themselves, and found that nothing wrong was done!!! Get over it!!!

  • DSwan - 10 years ago

    Funny that the police union thug who wrote the complaint is a confirmed piece of shit who was fired from the force for falsifying police reports. I think that says all we need to know.

  • Keda - 10 years ago

    Its just like when the basketball players wore hoodies in support of Trayvon Martin. Way to go!!!

  • Debi Ouellette - 10 years ago

    It looks like the 5% that have voted to punish the players are just police officers. They're too arrogant to realize that they, and their way of thinking, is not the way the majority of AMERICANS think and feel. Looks like the police don't want to have to answer to the people for their "barbaric behavior". This means, we the people of these United States (?), aren't going to tolerate killing, intimidation, and threats from our so-called police or their departments that stand behind their unlawful actions. Period! And if you don't listen, apparently we'll show you.

  • Jonathan - 10 years ago

    And 18 yr old youth was MURDERED by law enforcement - he had his hands in the air - Wilson shot and murdered him because his ego was wounded and believed he could get away with it because he was a cop and a coward ( since he quit his job now he's just a coward) and believe he could get away with it

  • Roosevelt - 10 years ago

    How is trying too tell Black young endanger men, they can't protest against themselves, to protect and prolonged their Life.Is that not the the reason we are holding up our hands for change of treatment of black young men, then you tell the public you want US and the NFL to apologize. That request in itself validate the the reason we're holding up our hands even higher, you Digg ?

  • Tina Foster - 10 years ago

    If you feel justise was served why are you so offended by them holding up there hands. I mean that's the first things the cops say isn't put your hands up and thugs(blacks) as you put it or the main ones buying jerseys shoes and anything else athletes and stars put out.

  • me - 10 years ago

    Hey White person,
    I was in the Marine Corps.If they dont look at skin color in the military then why were whites called "light green" and blacks called "dark green"?

  • Barbara Coleman - 10 years ago


  • c B - 10 years ago

    And they wonder why people don't like cops you can't force people to be on your side. Not one of them were holding a sign staying "fuck the police" or the alike. They're just making themselves look even more like asses. Get over yourselves. Half of y'all need to worry about those waistlines anyway. Fat fucks Smh

  • Yolanda - 10 years ago

    These MF just openly bullied the NFL players...If the league does punish them they will also be boycott. ..Hey yall lets see if the league stands up for these guys...since they have no problem punishing them...ppl stand the fuck up

  • Blk Southerner - 10 years ago

    He said, "it's not the violent thugs that are buying the tickets". Who is he referring to, black people? He needs to clarify! Also, who is he to say who's buying tickets? Black people, thugs, white people, racists, rednecks, and I'm sure many other categories of people purchase tickets.

  • White person - 10 years ago

    I think this whole thing is becoming a giant pissing contest between cops and black people. It's stupid to me and needs to end. Not with violence but with peace. When I was in the military we didn't look at skin color because we were all green. I just know violence isn't the answer people.

  • Jazzee J - 10 years ago

    SLPDA need to take a back seat. Are they going to ask that all the white NFL owners and players who anonymously gave money to the million dollar fund for the officer be punished and their money returned to them. No. The wording in the SLPDA complaint says it all for black people "thugs rioting and burning down businesses". Way to go toward closing the gap and dispelling the mistrust among the police department and black people in Missouri. Why are they "thugs" and not criminals? I guess St. Louis doesn't have any black people who support football team, no blacks go to their games, no black people by their gear and memorabilia. And white people wonder what the problem is, well just ask the SLPDA to explain their mindset and you will have the answer.

  • camille smith - 10 years ago

    Sorry, it wouldn't let me edit...spell check..., anyway, don't let the police continue to bully. Nationwide support, but don't let it hit home huh?And to think the working poor does NOT buy or support the teams shows further ignorance and prejudice! Very distasteful...please see full comment below..

  • camille smith - 10 years ago

    This is very distasteful of the police dept. It sounds like threats! If the NFL doesn't, then the police will? Will what? Attack more innocent people? Profile them? Ticket them? Arrest then for spanking their own child? Ijs, this is absurd. I applaud the puerile string enough to make thier stand known. Funny let the police continue to bully anyone! There's been a nationwide support on this story, but when it guy home it got personal? And wow to think that the working poor do not but the jerseys or sorry the team! This further sites the ignorance of the police association and the produce that exists there. I'm shocked the association even allowed this to be printed! No no, no, do not apologize for exercising your right, no matter who you are or where you are! #stop shooting

  • Donald Griswell - 10 years ago

    Man are you for real Blacks can't show support to other without the white folks thinking it a gun fuck y'all Devil seeds bitch

  • Samuel Johnson,Ret USAF - 10 years ago

    if folks can walk around with there Rebel Flags,stand with there guns they can raise there hands,the cops need to get a life they are the problem.

  • LC Grissom - 10 years ago

    The SLPOA should be punished for insulting our intelligence and wasting our time with their collective temper tantrum.

  • James Bond - 10 years ago

    Fuck Ferguson crooked ass cops and the police chief to and the mirror

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