SPEAK UP: Should Gov. Andrew Cuomo take up liberal issues next term? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Has the Metro-North derailment last year impacted you... 24 Yes, 65 No

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  • John - 5 years ago

    You gotta be kidding. These liberal policies are rotting this state. People are leaving this state like a sinking ship. The fact that people call Cuomo "centrist" is absurd. Being pro life and pro 2nd Amendment is not "extreme," and how dare he say that...this man is a divider and a shill to the liberal NYC elites.

  • Another want to be an ex New Yorker - 5 years ago

    More liberal? Is this even possible? The "Socialist People's Republik of New Yorkistan" is so far left it makes Karl Marx look like Ronald Reagan!

    And the liberal NYC elites wonder why those of us still here and stuck with the burden of supporting NY's vast welfare (oops, I mean democrat) population are ever more desirous of leaving!

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