Do you think the high salaries at IITs and IIMs are justified?

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Posted 5 years.


  • Sudeep - 5 years ago

    We have seen people from both the areas.

    People who have either any one of this qualify to the IIT.
    Hardwork also.

    Else they drop to at regular colleges.

    In actual, most IITians or IIM pass outs wont do any work.
    At IIT's they would have studied in group and put technology to memory in easy ways.
    All facilities are provided for them from many means. Govt, missions, any big guy in industry who show off to charity. and Parents who are also rich.
    Good Lecture and course materials, Materials like PC till components in labs. good environment(acres of land) and many more.
    Rarely a poor guy gets in to IIT, if it happens, it ll come in news papers.
    All this money and facilities are been swallowed from the hard work of rest of the world.

    Regular colleges wont get such facilities.
    Bad Luck
    downgraded due to Corruption
    not able to do Politics
    Hardwork doesnt yield due to all the above.

    No good tutors, no materials, facilities, environment.
    etc, etc.

    This environment is created by the whom. Solve this.

  • priyesh - 5 years ago

    I am not from IITs but I support the high packages, all engineering colleges may have the similar syllabus but how that syllabus is taught and how much effort students put in learning from the(I graduated from and average college and saw 80% students passing without touching reference concepts barely 5% made their own project, rest bought them). Talent and hard work should get fact everyone from IITs are not able to bag high please get out of the crab mentality(if one crab tries to get out of the basket, other jealous crabs tries to pull him back)...already wages in our country are too low, which needs to increase and such packages are a start.

  • sudarshan gogoi - 5 years ago

    we are learning same things but in different institutions with different brand names. I have seen many IITians even can not qualify NET and GATE but at the same time students from many small institutions show excellent performance. But opportunity often matters......

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