Rihanna In Stella McCartney Blazer


  • Regina - 9 years ago

    I love me some RiRi, she's her own person and doesn't copy off of anyone. Bravo Bravo. I'm just like her but older. I always felt different all my life. I now know to love myself regardless of people's opinions. We Pisces, have too stick together. My dying wish is to rock with Ms. RiRi on our birthday that would be the icing on the cake or pie which ever you prefer. I hope this reaches my soul sister. Thanks Regina

  • pam watkins - 9 years ago

    A few months go a young girl who couldn't afford a prom dress and who loved rihanna decided to make one of her outfits.It was a 2 piece outfit,pants and a blouse with huge "bat arms", it was a cute outfin and she did a great job making it.After her prom she posted it on facebook hoping Rihanna would see it.She did and instead of saying " great job !! or you looked beautiful!! or I am so honored you chose one of my outfits !" She came back with a picture of herself with the caption "Who wore it better"!!! Really ??As far as im concerned Rihanna is NO role model,doesn't care about anyone or anything but herself, and needs to practice some class.She crushed that little girl and did't even blink.

  • Joaquin Pereda - 9 years ago

    She look good and sexy hot in that outfit.She one beautiful babe n I am number one fan of her.I love watching her videos n listening her music.Lots of love to you beautiful sexy Rihanna :-)

  • Lovelady - 9 years ago

    It's *her pants NOT *here pants

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