What should do about his resistant hubby?


  • Andrea - 8 years ago

    I voted to encourage the husband to go because I know how important it is having my Catholic same sex partner with me in shul . In my experience, we were totally welcome, however not all congregations are fully comfortable with same sex couples. Therefore it is would be very generous of non Jewish hubby to attend and support his spouse for the one evening and also together feel " the vibe " of what hopefully is a warm and welcoming reception from the other members.

  • ellen green - 8 years ago

    I'm uncomfortable with any of the three options. Given his partner's downright discomfort with the idea, telling him he has to go to be supportive won't work and may damage their relationship. How about saying the support would be welcome? That way, if he still says he doesn't want to go, that's it. Just leave the door open.

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