Do you support the petition to remove the homeless shelters in North False Creek?

  • mike - 5 years ago

    Well i cant beleive someone could actually embarrass themselves like that. It must take a pretty shallow person or people to write such a rediculace letter on line. Shame on you for putting the price of your pretty little home infront of the price of sombodys shelter and life. And how can you sit there and say that these shelters are only there to house people and not rehabilitate. Have you ever spent a night in one of these shelters Ill bet not. But I have and I can assure you they are doing everything they can to help us out in getting back on our feet. And beleive me we will get back on our feet and who knows we might end up at your dinner table or you at ours drinking wine and eating t bones and why! Because we are no different than you and me personally I was sitting right where you are but due to cercumstances ended up at the bottom. I will get back up there infact because of this shelter program I now own my own buisiness again. So what was that again you said about no rehabilitation? Ya thats what I thought nothing to say now.
    So to all those people out there that support these homless thank you for all your efforts they truly dont go unnoticed and to those of you that dont well I guess your entitilled to your own opinion but as far as I am concernernd shame on you you give humanity a bad name.

  • Astrid Starke - 6 years ago

    Bunch of miserable rich assholes.

  • Al - 6 years ago

    I live in this neighbourhood and walk past at least one of these shelters after 10 pm every weeknight returning home from work. Never had an issue, never been harassed. 900 Pacific has a security guard on the street every night. The people I don't want in my backyard are these stupid NIMBYs.

  • James S - 6 years ago

    The lack of empathy towards the homeless in this city is disgusting. This is nothing more than an attempt to relocate the problem elsewhere, which will undoubtedly consume time and resourses. Homelessness is an issue all over Vancouver and much of the lower mainland and the idea that removing this shelter will benefit the community is pure nonsense. Shame on these people for their intent to deprive other human beings of a place to sleep just because they don't like looking at them. The idea that they are doing this from a good place (ie lack of rehabilitation planning in homeless shelters) is a complete cop out. This article makes is sound like crime and drug use in downtown Vancouver is some kind of a new phenomenon, which is absolutely ridiculous. If you are offended by homelessness- DO NOT live anywhere in downtown Vancouver!

  • Janice - 6 years ago

    As human beings we have inalienable rights, the same rights granted to every living creature. Access to food and shelter. Yes, I can see the arguable differences, but that does not change the fundamentals. We have a right to exist! No man woman or child should have to pay huge sums of money just to eat and sleep in a warm bed. If the people we have HIRED to address these issues are unable to do so, maybe we should take back the control we need to address the issues ourselves. Please take a look at this.
    Check out the proclamation of independence. More importantly scroll down and read the 21 articles. It is time!

  • Karine - 6 years ago

    Very telling that the petition calls it "merely" shelter. How about using words like "solely" or simply making it clear the shelter did not offer additional support. It can only be "merely" shelter to a group that can't imagine being without it. You buy into an "up and coming" neighbourhood, though luck.

  • Teresa - 6 years ago

    It's disheartening to see the same disingenuous arguments being trotted out whenever the weather gets too cold for people to survive sleeping rough. Human beings need shelter across the city, regardless of property values (and often as a result of them).

  • Aaron - 6 years ago

    First of all, they'd still be around there anyways even if without shelters.
    Secondly, homeless people are still considered as human beings, everyone needs to be treated equally.
    Lastly, you say this now?
    Why not before?

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