Be honest, have you ever parked in an accessible spot without a permit?

  • louie - 4 years ago

    For those who said they i do it all the time ... may your car blow up and make you handicapped

  • BA - 4 years ago

    This is all bull. Half the time no one uses the spots. There are not that many disabled drivers to warrant all the spaces out there. Political correctness? Be damn,

  • Judy D - 4 years ago

    Do NOT believe the 97% of No in the survey. I see it everyday that able bodied are using handicapped spots.

  • Don - 4 years ago

    Something left out by the columnist is 'leaving grandma in the car'. Often I see an older person sitting in a car in an HC spot - while the able bodied driver gets out to run in and do some shopping. It's clearly stated that the spot is for handicapped people who are getting in and/or out of the car. If they remain in the car - they should use a regular spot.

    Even if Grandma is getting out of the car, if the driver is able bodied, it is sometime easier to let the disabled person off right at the door - and then they don't even need an HC spot.

    With regards to the permits and permit holders who are persons with disabilities who are actually driving their own cars - alone, (which I am one) I get frustrated at the planners who put the HC spots at the farthest end of a row - just because that's where ramps are (or reduced curbs) for wheel chairs. No benefit for me or those like me who have issues with walking long distances.

    (my comments are not intended towards persons with wheel chairs - but more for persons who have difficulty with mobility and are chauffeured around - they should take priority over all others!)

  • Catherine Bauder - 4 years ago

    I have MS I use a disabled sign but only when my husband does not let me off in front of where I am going. He will never park in one if I am not getting out. I have seen a lot of people use the spots and it makes me very mad. Also I see perfectly healthy seniors that I do not believe really need them.

  • dar - 4 years ago

    I have been told that the signs designated for family ... people with children
    that the disabled card can override this and if one is available the disabled can
    use that parking space this true

  • Alexandria - 4 years ago

    I think the problem is that it is not enforced. I see so many people park in handicap parking spots, with no permit. Young and old alike, and nothing is ever done about it. Some are there for the longest time, as they park there, go in and do all their shopping. Meanwhile, nobody (police nor municipal parking parole) ever stops to inspect for a permit. There is no point having the law, if we aren't going to enforce it. We can no longer rely on people doing the right thing and/or abiding by the law. People nowadays have a false sense of self entitlement.

  • John C - 5 years ago

    Hi I have a mother with disabilities and many times I've had words with people parking in parking spots for disabled, some there's nothing wrong with them, and I don't want to point a finger and I'm an immigrant myself, but it's always people from ethnic backgrounds, never I see a Canadian person parking in a desable spot unless they have a dessability, and I'm tired of this, or family parking spots, or the stork sign give me a break, I'm a big person over 300lbs and always look for parking spots where no one parks on the driver side, so I can open my door wide, but when I can't find one, I make sure there's room for the driver next to me to get in, but when I come back to my van sometimes I can't even get in, my point is that people are selfish and inconsiderate to others, big obese people have no designated parking spots not fair, sure instead I hear u can't help being desabled, but u can do something about obesity, sure it's easier said then done!! Thank you for your time, if you want to publish this you can. Thank you John C

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