Who is your favorite commentary box?


  • Daphne Smithard⁰ - 2 years ago

    I was sorry to hear Rob Koenig commentating at Roland Garros 2021 today. He cannot focus on the match i am watching, constantly talking about any and every other match and he loves to reminisce.
    It is so irritating. I want a commentator to do their job and comment on the players and the tennis i am watching.

  • I - 2 years ago

    Jim Courier could be one of the best if he would learn when to stop talking when there is play on the court.

  • I - 2 years ago

    Jim Courier could be one of the best if he would learn when to stop when there is play on the court.

  • Stacey - 4 years ago

    Why does Chris Everett insist on bringing up Serena Williams in what seems like every other sentence?
    Serena was eliminated yesterday and yet Chris Everett cannot stop talking about her... almost a love fest.
    This is not unique to this tournament. Chris Everett is consistent in her support of Serena in every tournament..
    Regardless of how it reflects her bias as a tennis commentator.

  • Don Phillips - 5 years ago

    Too much commentator comments when tennis match is blocked out‼️ Also - the overpowering serve in men’s tennis makes the match uninteresting. Women’s match points are better to watch and more competitive‼️
    You are welcome for the suggestions‼️????‍♂️

  • Liz Garner - 5 years ago

    I have at last found somewhere to say what a rotten commentator John McEnroe is waffle waffle can he please be removed.

    I usually switch channels if I can, but not always possible. Could someone tell him that we who watch tennis watch because we play or played and are not idiots.

  • MInnie Wellsley - 6 years ago

    I went to the sharapova halep match last night. The match displayed such exciting shot making and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Was anxious to watch it on tennis channel the next morning. Tracy Austin commentated and ruined a fabulous match. She turned something exciting into a drab experience. This is a sport!! She needs to show some excitement during the big points. Make us want MORE! Non tennis players would tune out instantly to her monotone voice. She just doesn't have what it takes to make this sport fun for tv viewership.

  • Valerie Ange - 6 years ago

    Horrible evert/shriver commentary on simon halup match. Both are just terrible and negative.

  • Sadie Cooper - 6 years ago

    Please, please tell John McEnroe to SHUT UP during points. Even better, fire him. Or at least remove him from all Federer matches--his jealousy fairly drips from his endless commentary (about himself).

  • Darshana K Desai - 6 years ago

    Absolutely love John McEnroe!
    He makes his commentary fun and interesting!
    Miss him at Tennis Channel which is so so boring!
    Dread listening to those commentators
    Wish they'd wake up!
    Please bring McEnroe back to Tennis Channel
    Would make everything so great!

  • Patrick Slater - 6 years ago

    Patrick McEnroe and Rob Koenig are (separately) the cream of the crop. Knowledgeable about the game without feeling they have to show off their knowledge; judicious in their choice of words and timing. Soft-spoken but still capable of delivering a well-reasoned opinion firmly and, while their passion for the game is obvious, they rarely allow it to cloud their judgement or their delivery.

  • Daniel Ramirez - 6 years ago

    No other sport has the negativity in announcing that tennis does. Most announcers act like they know way more than the greatest players in the game. Listen for 5 minutes and you'll hear talk of nerves, he should be doing this, she shouldn't be doing that, "what a terrible shot", "what an awful, bonehead decision." I turn on tennis to watch tennis, and these announcers make it about themselves. Football, baseball, basketball announcers actually sound happy to be there. Tennis announcers make it feel like torture. Robbie Koenig and his crew are obviously the best. You might actually hear tennis for a few points and forget they're there. But most others (Patrick, Gilbert, John, Carrillo, annicone, Austin, on and on) are so God aweful that I have to put it on mute. I've been playing and watching tennis my whole life and I have no idea where this negativity comes from.

  • kay - 8 years ago

    How come no one ever mentions that John McEnroe was probably the best net player the game ever saw?
    I love hiut off a m but for the first time ever I shut off a tennis match because John and Patrick just would not stop talking for one minute. It was impossible to watch the match

  • Marie - 8 years ago

    I think it is time for some new broadcasters with a fresh commentary. Martina and Lindsey seem to do a good job of not being so subjective!

  • Joyce Johnson - 8 years ago

    Mary Carrilo, Chris Everet, Lindsey Davenport are all too mouthy And this new person commentating the delayed matches you can't understand a word she says especially if there's a good point she gets excited and speaks her native language whatever that may be

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