What grade do you give 'The Originals' midseason finale?


  • legend - 8 years ago

    Fail finale because another family member turn black. Don't think i can fall in love with the new character that replace Rebecca. And the mom stuck on that ugly body forever? Stuff up family charactor, too distracting, cannot concentrate on this show anymore. U lost another fan.

  • Sheree poirier - 8 years ago

    Where is Claire Holt?? My favorite character. Always seems to play a second seat to boys..because she is a woman? Do not like the new Rebecca at all ..way to different of a character...please bring her back!!

  • D - 8 years ago

    I thought that the mid season finale was amazing EXCEPT for Rebekah. Rebekah is my favorite Character of this show and it has a lot to do with her being played by Claire. Without Claire, it's not the same and I'm quite upset

  • K - 8 years ago

    Finally! Klaus gets to be more like the real Klaus we saw in vampire diaries, where he is always one step ahead of everything. That's the Klaus I like to see. The main reason I watch this show is to watch for his come back. Hope to see more of this from Klaus.

  • j - 8 years ago

    Love Claire Holt major fail if permanent, but overall it was a great episode

  • Patricia - 8 years ago

    Yes I prefer the old Rebecca too and hope this is just temporary. It was bitter sweet watching their mother lose her power and now making a choice to die or stay a vampire. Loved seeing this fatherly side of Niklaus, I can't get enough of him and his brother Elijah. I am addicted to this show and January can't come fast enough....

  • Leslie - 8 years ago

    I enjoyed the midseason finale, but I want the old Rebekka back soon.

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