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What words to encode for this project (Poll Closed)


  • Naomi Parkhurst - 8 years ago

    Going mostly offline for a bit - the release of the CIA torture report was one bit of bad news too much and I'm feeling overwhelmed. Time to just sit and knit for a while.

  • Naomi Parkhurst - 8 years ago

    I don't think I'm going to add more options at this point; I need to keep the project moving, and so I'd like to pick something from the words above for encoding. Thanks for your suggestion!

  • mary jo - 8 years ago

    then when I came to the poll I read equality, justice and mercy. instead of mercy maybe a word I am using a lot this year is better for me.....forgiveness. since June I have been wearing a medalion of my Nana's daily to remind myself that forgiveness is in order. I can't say that I have achieved this forgiving of others just that I try to be mindful. I try to take events and forgive them even though it isn't easy.
    . mercy(for me) implies the upper hand - the believed rightiousness of one person over another. it has tones of being superior and that I in granting mercy am overlooking your bad behavior. but that is probable just me.

  • Naomi Paz Greenberg - 8 years ago

    They are all good words, and the intent is good, so I won't be disappointed no matter what you go with, just didn't want it to seem like I've not participated.


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