Do you agree with the decision of Congress to block D.C. pot legalization?


  • Jimmy Ricky - 8 years ago

    What a F'd up globe we live in, and a sad world that could be so beautiful if greed and egos did not exist.

  • Kanis Sun - 8 years ago

    This things not even about marijuana/ cannabis, anymore- it has become a showdown between King George and the colonist all over again. This very poll shows the consensus, yet we have the minority leading the majority (against their will). I guess this is what we get and will get,as Americans- when we operate elections like a high school popularity contest.
    Maybe, we can start waking up and make sure these grinning, waving dudes in suits actually have our best interest at heart, instead of a remote lead coming out their ass leading to a corporation or cash drenched political party.

  • Elias Monty - 8 years ago

    "DC has enough problems without a city full of potheads?" Here's some news for you: It's already full of potheads. Potheads are building your roads, they're teaching your children, they're doing all the things people who don't smoke do. If you really think that consuming marijuana (which is WITHOUT A DOUBT less addictive, less impairing, and less toxic than alcohol, a drug that is ingrained in our culture to a disgusting extent) makes someone a worse person, you are deluded and should seek help. There is NO REASON to ignore two thirds of DC's population on this issue. But hey, I guess you can't expect much reason or logic from a nation where half the populace worships a deity described in a 2000 year old piece of outdated mythological text so full of contradictions and nonsense a 12 year old could recognize it as fictional garbage.

  • Raymond Lewis - 8 years ago

    D.C. has enough problems already without a whole city full of potheads. Good on ya Representatives and Senators; finally you get consensus on something and do it right.

  • William Curtis - 8 years ago

    A simple solution for all you "DC voters who do not like it", move to a state and/or quit your bitching.

    Did you not know when you live in an area owned and controlled by the federal government, the people from the owning states call the shots?

    It would suit most residents of other states, if we passed a law doing away with DC homes, then we would not have to listen to all their residents' bitching. Most of whom are dependent on our tax dollars for their living.

  • William Dodd - 8 years ago

    I cannot believe our country has come to this Our right to make our own laws and pass them means nothing.Our government circumvents the will of the people.All I have to say is I wish my father was a pothead instead of a alcoholic.If he was he may still be alive today .Instead alcohol left a 12 year old boy without a Dad.Marijuana never killed anyone.

  • Alan Gammon - 8 years ago

    I don't know who will see this but, Take it from a real Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor from being hit head-on by a drunk driver in July of 1991. Anyone that has smoked Marijuana can verify the difference between the two in the abilities of maintaining control of their actions. Where as under the influence if alcohol there is no control to even walk without knowing that they are under the influence of that substance. I feel it is time to look at Marijuana is a safe all natural medicinal substance where-as alcohol kills thousands world wide every year. I ask of you to please do your own research and compare the dangers of alcohol that's been legal for those 21 years of age and older. Marijuana is ALL NATURAL and has killed NO-ONE ever by overdose, when today adults can overdose from man made aspirin and is sold to people daily all over the world. I feel it's time to look at the proof and reality that this needs to be looked into deeper. The Medical Collage of Virginia even has the proof in their records of 1976 that Marijuana does Kill Cancers of all types. Cannabis has never killed any one, and is chemically impossible to die from an overdose. I have spoken my peace, and now it's your turn to speak to/for me. Any doubts on my claim of death, see "Disabled Magazine"

  • ANONYMOUS - 8 years ago


  • Von Wolfrun - 8 years ago

    It's time for our "elected leaders" to listen to the "we the people" The drug war is an epic failure. The CSA was created by one of the most discraced presidents in the history of America. It's time to make changes in our country, changes that bring our policies more in line with the founders of our country. Additionally, I'm calling for our president to veto any and all bills that have earmark "rider" legislation attached. Let's be upfront with a bill and stop attaching irrelevant stuff to bills.

  • InformedTopic - 8 years ago

    This is not about majority/minority issues why everything that is done someone has to mention black/white issues? But is more of congress not lessoning to the voter and using there power to turn things around to what they want. Congress needs to lesson to the voter.

  • part of the 90% - 8 years ago


  • part of the 90% - 8 years ago


  • William H. Harris - 8 years ago

    This another effort by certain conservatives in Congress to show their paternalism toward the voters in DC that will only change when the majority of voters are white.

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