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Poll posted 5 years ago.


  • Ajo Frank - 5 years ago

    If Oliver dies then Arrow is really heart broken. Moreover he fights for the good of the city, please bring Oliver back. He's my most reason for watching Arrow.

  • brad - 5 years ago

    I love the show but was very upset about this ending hoping that there's a alternative to this other wise will not be watching. Just finished up sons of anarchy and can't deal with this stress as seriously they can't kill Oliver that's the reason this show took off

  • Lou - 5 years ago

    Pja I hope ur right the a.t.o.m suit will save him so its down to felicity please be right

  • cisco - 5 years ago

    What will happen if Oliver Queen died?.... omg! it was bad episode to me, Since i always expect good things from him.
    May any one assure me that we'll see Oliver in the coming episode!!! I cried for him, please tell me about what we'll come next after episode 09

  • LESLIE - 5 years ago

    I had to watch it twice. If Oliver Queen is really gone, I won't be watching anymore. I know that they are going with a more comic book style and I hope that the last coment is the correct one. That he was fighting a hologram or that they will bring him back with the Lazarous Pit bath.

  • PJA - 5 years ago

    There's something missing here, folks. Felicity's corporate 'A T O M Suit' fits the picture. It mimics a person's DNA to allow oneself to be mirrored into a hologram with all the attributes of fleshly physicality. Mr. Head Demon Assassin Guy was fighting an illusion. Oliver is presumed dead, Thea survives, . The Warrior Ethic prevails. Oh, one other thing, if this show ends , I donate my Plasma HD TV to charity since it is the only TV drama I never miss.

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