Will you be visiting the new McDonald's in Moss Vale when it opens?

Posted 4 years.


  • Ronald - 4 years ago

    What is all the fuss about? Honestly, the McDonald's in Mittagong is always so overcrowded and there is never anywhere to park. Seems obvious to me that the Southern Highlands needs another Macca's to cope with all the patrons who like eating there. I'm sure the custom design will be great an certainly no worse than some of the eyesore buildings and car yards already in Moss Vale.

  • 4WEKNS - 4 years ago

    WooHoo, can't wait.

  • Nathan - 4 years ago

    Heritage gone for greed. Even more overweight people will be walking the streets of Moss Vale

  • Paddy - 4 years ago

    Bring it on.

    It is only for the people who want food fast - not fast food. I don't go there regularly but I go there when I need to go there. If people cannot control themselves as to when to go and when not to go then that is their problem.

  • Hannah - 4 years ago

    Where they want to put it will cause way to many accidents being on a round about it us way to risky not to mention people will be loosing their houses for the drive through. There are already enough McDonald's restaurants in the Southern Highlands we don't need another one the obesity rate will go up and not a lot of exercise because people will find it more convenient to drive there anyway

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