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Rafatalia or Raphtalia? (Poll Closed)

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  • Kryo - 8 years ago

    which shows what kind of being you are deer Masadeer
    if you read few times my short comment you would see a word "sounds to me like" which means exactly what's written.. a vocal wave called speach and taken into sound pattern recognition by human brain

    your mind is broken - you think of fungi's genitalia.. (that's even worse than Motoyasu :o)
    I pry for your mental health to Shield God of demi-humans V_V

  • Masadeer - 8 years ago

    .... which shows exactly how much you know about taxonomy.............

    if you were to SERIOUSLY try to run her name through taxonomy, it sounds like it'd be related to the genitalia of a fungi.

    you probably think in a way where you memorize words by their beginnings and endings to increase the speed and decrease the strain of your memorization.

    raphtalia- replace the middle -> = Reptilia (a class of animals.)

  • Kryo - 8 years ago

    Raphtalia sounds to me like some kind of lizard name :x

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