What grade do you give the 'White Collar' series finale?

  • Jessie - 10 months ago

    Honestly? I didn’t like the ending. I get that he had to leave to keep everyone safe from the Pink Panthers, but he could have at least told Mozzie and Peter before he did it, so they wouldn’t mourn him for no reason. Honestly? I would have liked it better if he had actually died. The whole show was about character development, and Neal no longer being a con artist. The point is that people can change. So for Neal to leave everyone behind and not let them know...? But, if he had died, he was giving up his life so that the people he lied would be safe. Right? A much better ending than him running off to Paris with millions and robbing a museum.

  • Christine - 2 years ago

    I'm in the UK and stumbled across White Collar on Netflix. It took me about 3 weeks to watch the whole 6 series. I was hooked. Sad that Neal died and tried to work out how he could still be alive as I just couldn't believe he could die. So pleased with the ending. Brilliant show

  • Christine - 2 years ago

    I'm in the UK and stumbled across White Collar on Netflix. It took me about 3 weeks to watch the whole 6 series. I was hooked. Sad that Neal died and tried to work out how he could still be alive as I just couldn't believe he could die. So pleased with the ending. Brilliant show

  • Toni gruenwald - 2 years ago

    I found the ending perfect and my opinion peter smiled cause neal got what he has been asking dor freedom and Peter was happy for him...neal helped the FBI so much and Peter supported him even when no onw didn't...whether neal walks the line or goes back to being a theif..he had at least a year of freedom...libg live white collar..in our hearts...i say no to a remake it was a pwrfecr ending to a perfect show

  • Rosie Bradford - 2 years ago

    My daughter and I only recently discoverd & watched this wonderful show on Netflix, we both love Pat from 5 years ago's comments and that is how we picture them all living too :-) Amazing chemistry between the beautiful Neal, Peter & Mozzie, you can tell all the actors in this show got on so well, a lot of love between them all, which I think they passed on to us viewers so beautifully believably, really hope it's not too late in the day for if not a series 7, a movie, at least 2 or more hours long, you all still have a huge fan base guys and I will be watching the full series again, very soon, thanx you x

  • Shawnee Slim - 3 years ago

    P.S. i did crack up during the finale when Mozzie met the Agent from MI6 and called him LeSuit !! LMAO ... Just had to throw that in... Great Series that was cancelled too soon for some probably STUPID reason. No different then another series called PSYCH... Cancelled and ended while on top & again probqbly no good reason for its cancellation ?!? I do think at the end of White Collar when they show a side view of a Neal Caffrey, or is it Neal Caffrey, that you all should of had a guy that looked like Mozzie standing on a cirner with several onlookers, while Mozzie is dealing 3 card Monte... Theres the pretty Bow that ties it all up with no guessing

  • Shawnee Slim - 3 years ago

    This ending was good. Although there should of been extended 30min or a 2hr finale. Where Peter ends up in Paris after the Louvre robbery, maybe a meeting with Scotland yard about the possibility of Neal being alive?. Peter & Jones maybe tracking Neal & finding him. Then Peter does an interview that Neal sees & a glimpse of Baby Neal & Elle to the side. So Neal & Mozzie have to see Their baby for the 1st time, And Neal then decides to cone back to N.Y to continue his FBI career?? WhattaYaThink?

  • Christina - 6 years ago

    Terrible, terrible, terrible ending. You just contradicted SIX YEARS of character growth. For years we have watched Neal grow and learn to choose PEOPLE, not things, that shortcuts don't last, that if you run you always keep running, that the con is just an addiction, that New York is a good life...that people can change and do the right thing. (ie Burke is right not Kramer)

    And supposedly now he realiy is determined by his DNA, cant be like the dad he grew up wanting to imitate nor the man he calls his best friend, nope, he is doomed to be a thief forever??? Come on, that is just terrible.

  • Simone Ponn - 6 years ago

    And after Neal becomes an artist doing his own thing, his work becomes a great success. It sells for massive amounts of money and forgers begin to copy his stuff.

  • Simone Ponn - 6 years ago

    The ending was unsatisfactory on many levels. One, the personality development of Neal was leaning more to the settled life. The faking of his death was full of holes (so many people would have had to be involved/bribed to pull it off). It was also pretty cheesy. In fact it smelled like a typical TV plot instead of the elegant story it could have been. Not that I think the coin toss would have been better. Why couldn't he have just finished serving his time and let him go to Paris without the need for an alias etc. Then if he wanted to he could return to NY a free man. If he decided against working for the FBI he could become a security expert (that's what the real guy did) or an art consultant, or with all that talent he could just be an artist doing his own work instead of copying the work of others. With his stash he'd never starve.

  • NEMO - 6 years ago

    If the conclusion was what the writer first wanted, I would have hated it. My wife and I both can't stand bad conclusions, so far as tossing out previous seasons and never watching again. I believe that a writer has an obligation to finish what they have started. The entire show is make believe. Why would they leave a conclusion for me to make up for myself. The entire series definitely gets tossed if that happens.
    The conclusion was outstanding to me. Tied everything together better than most series.
    I am very glad I came across this website so the finale could be cleared up a bit better.
    The show was playful enough that the huge holes were no problem. The writers were outstanding. I dislike shows that are supposed to have a serious and real nature and then show glaring impossibilities. That ruins the show for me. White Collar is one of the best series I have ever watched. I bought them. The actors made this show as much as the writers also. It seemed as if they would laugh and smile off screen as much or more than on screen. This article verified that.

  • Annette Burton - 6 years ago

    My husband & I found this show on Netflix. We were first shocked like Peter and Mozzie, that Neal after all his stunts would die. Deep inside we hoped that it would be his greatest con he ever did. The ending was perfect, loved it. It would be great if there would be a 7th season.

  • Luna Nelson - 6 years ago

    As much as I loved this show I honestly think that this should just be the end of it no cont. on it I think the ending was fantastic and left us with what we needed to be left with we know he is and always will be a art thief and what better place then Paris for his ending, plus I don't think Peter will be able to chase after him again I mean he has a son now and a family to take care of so honestly I think they should just keep it like that. It was a beautiful ending that should stay as the ending.

  • B. Wakeley - 6 years ago

    This was such a great find on Netflix! I loved the ending but I really hated to see the show end. It needs to come back.

  • Andrew Benz - 7 years ago

    The final episode was shown tonight in Australia.
    I absolutely loved it. When Neal died I had tears, even though deep down I knew it was a con. The little hints - handing that mysterious lady an envelope, the bullet that didn't penetrate the shirt of the mannequin. There were probably others that I didn't pick up on.
    Many series have really let the viewers down with the final episode - not White Collar. I am really stoked to know that the ending was Tim & Matt's idea - so different to the one originally planned. Just shows how involved and invested these two stars were in the whole production.
    My wish now is that the studio has produced the biggest con on us - the fans - and series 7 will be announced soon!
    Vale White Collar - you will be missed

  • Pat - 7 years ago

    My ending::: Peter knows Neal is still alive, he an L really miss Neal so they go to Paris on a vacation after which Peter has retired from the FBI and now does private consulting so he can have more time with his son Neal....while in Paris they run into Neal at which time Neal meets little Neal....it takes some time for Neal to find out Peter is retired.....Neal is now married to Sara (they were so good together) Mozzy shows up is not sure what to think but is so overjoyed to see Mrs Suit and baby Neal and Peter too where they reminsence about all times in the past is the series.....an they all live happy an get what they want from life especially the CHANGED NEAL......maybe not written to perfection but then I am not a writer either......

  • paradoxguy - 7 years ago

    I disliked the ending for the simple fact that several times in the series, Neal delayed running off when he had the chance because, as he said, New York was his home. In fact, during his commutation hearings at end of season 3, Neal said he would be content waiting until the end of his sentence continuing with his anklet and living and working with Peter in NYC. What's more, the ending renders his "iron-clad" contract with the FBI moot. I don't see why the ending could not simply have been the Pink Panthers caught, Mathew Keller neutralized, and the FBI honoring the contract and setting Neal free. In fact, I like the other ending discussed by Jeff Eastin having Neal flipping a coin while walking in the FBI building. I just don't see why Neal had to be exiled to Paris.

  • Crystal - 7 years ago

    I believe the original ending would have been better. Neil wants to be good through the entire show. He shows in so many ways that he is trustworthy and you stripped that from him. If you did continue the show, you could never bring him back with the FBI. I believe you should have retired the criminal. He made to many friends and gained family. You took that from him.

  • CerealUK - 7 years ago

    really sucked that he let Peter (and possibly mozzy) think he was dead for so long :(

    sad times

  • Meg - 7 years ago

    The original ending was not at all original. The "unknown choice" has been done to death, and is cheesier than Camembert. The ending they went with makes little sense (as others noted, why leave clues for Peter, when Neal's goal is to disappear?) - but none of the episodes ever made much sense, anyway. I used to watch them for the chemistry between the leads, and Matt's off-the-charts charm - not for their ridiculous plots. From that pov, the ending was decent: I liked the visual of Neal in Paris. It seemed like the right backdrop for his dapper suits. :-)

  • New Yorker - 7 years ago

    Neal is back to "what he is"? Doesn't make sense. First, why then to leave a hint of his "ongoing work" to Peter (the newspaper)? What's the point to "activate" Peter (rather than just telling him, "hey, cheer up, I haven't gone anywhere!") when his absolutely top priority for quite a while (way more than just a year) is to keep the lowest profile possible - in order not to hurt people close to him, including Peter and his family? Second, anything Neal does will expose him - simply because he can do it only his way, and those who want to hurt him as much as possible will definitely notice any "newsmaking" art crime/theft. And do their "job" - even if they are not quite sure. I understand, it doesn't have to be fully consistent - and plenty of times it was not - but finale is finale, and unless they continue it in any way, when whatever exactly happen in "original" series would not matter that much - this is the only way it can be seen. Neal has ton of money, and considering how really precious was it for him to do the good, especially closer to the end, it's very logical for his character to do good again - in this case, something for the Louvre, not "against". Will he still "relax" in his "good old way"? Very likely, especially when Mozzie is back with him. Yet it won't be anything like a "big scale wrongdoing" deserving Peter's professional involvement - and making them all vulnerable once he reveals himself. Again - unless they continue it in any way, which would be very welcome ;-)...

  • Michele - 7 years ago

    I thought the ending was dumb! I was sad when I thought Neal died, but when we see that he hadn't , all I could think about was 'Just how stupid is the Medical Examiner of NYC'? Did he go to Medical School? HIGH SCHOOL EVEN? No matter how brilliant of a con artist is Neal, a mannequin is a mannequin, period. No innards. All unnatural deaths get autopsies. Not to mention not being able to tell the difference between a mannequin and a man. Dumb dumb DUMB! SMH

  • Bill Bratcher - 7 years ago

    In the End, I think the producers ,director, writers all choose to leave th show completely open ended so fans & viewers could chose there own ending. The first thing is the queen of hearts, then the teddy bear.,Mozzies last words...see you around suit., the wine., then again the queen of hearts.... Then THE NEWSPAPER ARTICLE ....THE LOURVE IMPROVES ITS SECURITY !!!! Is Neal now a Art Museum Security Expert.....OR....Did He ROB IT ???? Peters smile was more of a proud father than that a up for the challenge grin. The ending is open to each individuals interpretation . Now that we've lost another great show to me all that's left is....1. The Americans. 2.Helix 3.Defiance. 3. Extant. Orginal Ncis., those off shoots are garbage. The new horror on fx., I would rather watch every X-Files show than some of syfy s filler shows. What is. Wrestling Doing on the SyFy channel GOD that's horrible programming !!!! And those make up shows on SyFy.....Jesus !!!! PAY FOR PRAY PREACHERS are better entertainment than 1/2 of SyFys filler. Pour a nice neat Scotch & fire up a bong and MAN those preachers are hilarious !!! Who's got Joel's hair !!! Just be smart DONT GIVE THEM ANY THING .....We All Will Miss ....WhiteCollar. Great show.

  • Bill Bratcher - 7 years ago

    Brilliant ending, it was one of the Best endings I've ever seen . If this show is made into a cable channel movie, with Neal in Europe his dress style would have to be more Euro., 2 day shadow, leather coat , Boots ( Doc Martins in black) etc. The high life would be different. Thank you for a great 6 yrs.

  • AK - 7 years ago

    Great article, now I know more about the show. For a moment I thought Neil died, maybe a surprise sad ending?! I'm glad it was a con. We all knew and love that he's an art thief, charming but not violent criminal. I hope Moz can join him soon in Paris. I'd like to think Peter smiled because Neil is alive, not to chase him (and arrest him again; this time would be life sentence not just working with the FBI). I wish season 6 has more episodes to give more time for other characters. It's nice to see June. I hope there's a TV movie special…I love the show, great chemistry between the characters! Hard to find another show to replace it! It has the right amount of suspense, humour and action! Intriguing but not too intense, easy to watch before bedtime (^_^)

  • Savette - 7 years ago

    I am so sad to see this series end...
    Pls bring it back sometime soon..

  • Kelly - 7 years ago

    All the cast and the way they seemed to get along was great. Missed Satchmo in the series finale and Bugsy - June's dog. So wonderful to see June this 6th season. I like to think that NEAL won't steal since he has all the $ he could ever want. I also want NEAL & PETER to keep in contact after all there is a baby here named after NEAL. I like the way it ended vs having Neal flip a coin and fade to black.

  • felicia - 7 years ago

    I never believed that Neil really died. All along I figured it would be a con. I was very happy that I was right as killing Neil off would have been very bad ending for viewers. The gaps - why did Peter wait a year? Why had Mozzie not joined Neil a year later? How did he know that Keller was going to shoot him? Was Keller in on it? A lot of gaps - but I loved it anyway and am so sorry to see White Collar gone.

  • Gregory Urbach - 7 years ago

    They came up with a much better ending for the series than the original concept, and the faked death was pulled off well. There were some gaps, such as, how come Neil's secret storage unit was still around for Peter to find? Wouldn't Mossie have gotten rid of it? Nevertheless, an excellent show and we fans will miss them.

  • Claire Berkowicz - 7 years ago

    I was so upset that Neal "died," esp. when his final words to Peter were "you always saw the good in me. You are my best friend." I cried & couldn't believe it. I thought whatever plan Neal had made for escape had gone horribly wrong, esp. when Mozzie was still around a year later. Mozzie actually called Peter by his name, intead of "Suit" & " Mrs. Suit." It really had me going, & I said why wasn't he wearing bullet proof vest? I was thrilled when Peter decided to investigate the key & review the footage @ the dock to find the locker. I loved Neal being in Paris, the nod to Frank Abignale, & am so disappointed they didn't give such a great show a proper finale season with a full order of episodes. Any return would be welcomed by me & my husband. We loved watching it together. Let the games continue.

  • Pat - 7 years ago

    Just found White Collar in 2014, don't know where it's been in all my TV viewing! I have many episodes to catch up on on DVD. Love all the characters, interaction, etc. love the ending, but sorry to see it end, hopefully it can come back in a movie of the week!

  • Mary - 7 years ago

    I thought I would die when Neal was dead. I have to admit I would have preferred a happy ending with Neal finding love and becoming a real FBI agent. But that would have closed the story and would have left no potential for a movie. This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE show. The relationship between Neal and Peter is unlike any other.

  • Justin G - 7 years ago

    Loved this show. Definitely one of my favorite tv series. The ending was perfect to say the least. I really hope you guys find a way to keep this story line going via a new series, TV movie, etc. If not, at least it got a proper send off. Great show, and wonderful job by the cast and producers.

  • Kelly - 7 years ago

    I really like WHITE COLLAR and am going to miss it terribly. The way it ended with Neal pulling a con and faking his death was perfect. I would have been mad if the serious ended the way Mr Eastin wanted to end it with Neal flipping a coin and fade to black. All the main cast and their comrad

  • Donna Cleveland - 7 years ago

    Great show! Loved the ending! Perfect ending. I'm really gonna miss this show so much. I cried as it was touching & sad. Well done you guys & thank you so the great show & great actors. They felt like family to me & I will miss them. I love how it ended leaving it open just encase a movie of it could be done or you bring it back to a network that appreciates great shows like White Collar. Thank you for the 6 great seasons & for the adventure. I loved it all so much & you all will be truly missed. Can wait for the season 6 DVD to come out! You guys are awesome! I appreciate the work you put into this just wish last season would have been a full season instead of only 6. Loved it!

  • nelson - 7 years ago

    they lived happily ever after .... really ????

  • Sean - 7 years ago

    Good show in the end just as every episode before. Unfortunately for me knowing what I did about the character, the moment the trigger was pulled I knew he was up to something. I just don't know if that was really Neal in the body bag or if it was supposed to be that Neal's artwork was so good that he was able to forge his own body for presentation as the dead Neal. Or was he still under the influence of that capsule that he ingested after Keller went on his marry way to get shot? So all and all even though the evidence is in there are still some more specific questions to keep us guessing until USA Network gets their heads out of a very dark place and decide to pick up where they left off with season 7. Just my two cents... or more

  • dorothy cicero - 7 years ago

    I loved it. I love the show and with an ending like that it can really come back.
    The best actors ever all so perfect together. I really, really hope it will return. I loved the music on the finale but I do not want to say that word finale. I want it to return. I thought the entire show, scenery, the view of the many buildings looking up, looking down all so perfect and the great actors. I sure hope it will be back and make it fast...please.

  • SANDY FITZSIMONDS - 7 years ago


  • Grace Fauson - 7 years ago

    I was truly angry when I thought that Neal had died. But it was absolutely perfect. Even more so after reading the article on the thoughts of alternate endings.

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