Do you think Wall Street and corporations control the federal government? (Poll Closed)

  • No
    10 votes

  • Yes
    87 votes


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  • Rick - 5 years ago

    Well Jim Smith, if you don['t vote Republican you get what we have now. That's better huh?

  • penny hearell - 5 years ago

    The special interest groups and lobbyists control decisions made in Washington. Also those people who donate large sums of money get favors especially with this current administration who is run Valerie Jarrett.

  • Ethel Lamzik - 5 years ago

    Tell me what does getting rid of restrictions on wall street have to do with Federal Government. Just more greed at the top. Also more money in elections. Just so they can buy more political offices. Now we are going to get what they paid for. People that care for our Country better start paying attention and VOTE.

  • Jim Smith - 5 years ago

    Wall Street and large Corporations control the Republican Party which controls the legislature. If you work for a living and vote Republican, you are voting against your own best interest.

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