SPEAK UP: Should plastic bags be banned for environmental reasons? YESTERDAY’S: Should New York delay plans for more power lines? 62 YES, 50 NO (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    101 votes

  • No
    114 votes


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  • Jim - 5 years ago

    1. Your story points out that plastic bag manufacture is more environmentally friendly.
    2. Bags manufactured containing corn are biodegradable.
    3. Plastic bags are rarely 'single use' bags as stated in the story.
    4.The technology is available to capture these bags in recycling and use them in the manufacture of the building material TREX.

  • R - 5 years ago

    I don't think they should be banned. We have a number of people who have to take busses to go grocery shopping. They get on the busses with 3 or more bags. You can't possibly expect these people to carry grocery (paper bags) for a long distance when they get off a bus & have to walk a distance to their residence. Especially if the weather is bad out rain or snow and you don't have plastic, at least wifi plastic you can keep items dry & with paper you can't .

  • kitsy - 5 years ago

    Seems to me if plastic is the baddie, ALL plastic (bags) should be banned. Why give an okay to, say, dry cleaner plastic, etc. and a thumbs down to supermarket bags? Why discriminate, if "harmful" is what we're talking about here? I've always used the plastic bags from the supermarkets for my garbage, and this gets dropped down my apartment chute. Paper bags, I assume, would need to be secured with a rubber band at the top. However, if the garbage is even a little soggy, the paper wouldn't hold up very well, would it? Lots of smelly (loose) garbage might accrue at the bottom of the chute, but the garbage collectors can deal with that. :-)

  • Sharon - 5 years ago

    We shop at BJ's, who don't use bags at all. Everyplace else I shop is a bag pusher. I use plastic garbage bags at home. I think the garbage truck would also need to be redesigned to prevent flying paper, if we didn't use bags. Reducing over-packaging could easily begin with stores ending bagging.

  • Julia - 5 years ago

    As always, nothing is simple. I use the plastic bags as kitchen trash bags so they are not, after all, single-use bags. And they're very thin. If plastic shopping bags are banned and everyone buys the much thicker trash bags....what have we actually done for the environment. But the kitchen bag makers will be richer. ......On the other side. the delinquents of the world love to take those handle bags and throw them out of cars ...now poor animals are caught up in them. So i guess I'll go with whatever saves the animals.

  • Roberta - 5 years ago

    Lol.....so we need to ban plastic trash bags too with pull ties ?

  • Joe C - 5 years ago

    So the 99% have to pay for the 1% who litter plastic bags? That's sounds like a lot of profit, and for whom? Who gets all that money? Who should be taxed are the companies making the bags. The environmental problem starts there. Charging the consumer 10 cents a bag is literally chipping away the iceberg with hammer and chisel.

  • Jayne - 5 years ago

    Facebook had a photo of a poor turtle that got caught in the handle of a plastic bag. poor little fella, had grown to have and hour glass shape, just so sad............ Just ban the plastic bag, we could use paper, like we use at Adams or the nice fabric bags that we all can purchase!

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