Who you got Al Sharpton of the Young Protesters?


  • Kyle - 10 years ago

    You know whats funny? When I was growing up most of the people I saw shiting on Al Sharpton were white people, and older black people. And if these protesters are in their twenties like I am, then they may have saw the same thing and that may have an influence on the currant situation. Oh, and I can't wait until we see Hollywood's version of Ferguson. Because you know its coming one day, and the internet is going to blow up for black people.

  • Joe Spacely - 10 years ago

    I say both - we need people on the inside and the outside, to make this work. You can't just come into the game, fresh off the finals you didn't take, and think you can take on Kobe. You will be schooled quick. At the same time, that is only because Kobe is going to be ready for it. The big concern is that the older generation has gotten to a certain point and is comfortable; that's who gets undertaken. In the future, Rev needs to make sure that the younger generation knows how the game is played, so they don't come in and make everybody look bad.

  • Cappadonna - 10 years ago

    Neither - because while the young bucks, as you noted, are busy NOT learning from the OG's thinking that racism & police brutality is something new or some retro style like Gen-1 Jordans and the old guard are too busy protecting their seat instead of preparing a legacy (Sharpton is a 'young buck' of the old guard at 60 & Jesse is up there with Noam Chomsky and Ralph Nader) - the white devils continue to slaughter us in the streets.

  • professlch - 10 years ago

    I voted both. I pump my fist for the young(er) activists' courage; I salute Sharpton for being the ONE old school activist who has used his podium to support my President his entire two terms. I've seen Twitter slam both the younger and the older. I'm too well-raised to crap on my elders' accomplishments and too sane to ignore the youngers' roiling. There are so many lanes! I wish folks acted like they knew which one(s) they should occupy.

  • Shelley - 10 years ago

    I voted "both" but, after the DC march, I almost voted neither. I'm not sure exactly what happened with the stage/speaking issue although I think it was a bit of ego on both sides. (If you're denied speaking, how did you get a badge?) What really bothered me is was I saw - or didn't see - was engagement with the slain's families and appreciation for those who did show up. That being said, I hope they can learn from each other. NAN doesn't have the social media reach the young protesters do. The young protesters can't pull together a march in DC with thousands of folks on, what, 10 days notice? The stakes are too high for all of us not to be in the game. Love the show. Peace.

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