Is is racist to say "all lives matter," instead of "black lives matter?"
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  • D A - 5 years ago

    black life matter becould white polices are making black life is happening over and over in every state The question is why is it alway white polices shooting black people . with no mecry empty their gun with no mercy , black runing away with no gun white polices are emptying as the black are runing away black life do matter that why it say.... this way black life matter ...... now look ... Do we ever ever hear black policeman.... Shooting .....shooting black or White citizens down in back or ... oh i thought you had a weapon I thought I seen a weapon I knew he had a weapon show me news cast with black poeple and black policeman or shooting black people or white .. that why black life do matter....... black lives matter / will speaking of the people that is thar guns ..polices shooting black with no gun no gun and shooting black 10 time with has gun .. over and over . that why we say black lives do matter ... thank you . ps stop killing our black people ....... BLACK LIVES DO MATTER

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