Should The 49ers Let Harbaugh Go?

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Posted 5 years.


  • Bruce Dinh - 5 years ago

    Dumb move for letting Harbaugh go Jed. Niners will be lucky to see 8-8 record again in a while. Put uncle Ed back, he will appreciate his personnel better than someone like Jed.

  • Jim Bertucci - 5 years ago

    Jim Harbaugh was a savior to the 49ers! He brought them back to respectability and credibility. He is highly under appreciated by the organization. He should be released to pursue other opportunities where he will be more appreciated. Michigan sounds like a good fit for him.

  • Les Wright - 5 years ago

    Well said by all. At the start of next season with all bodies healthy, we will be Super Bowl contenders again.
    We will also have an easier schedule by finishing in the middle of the pack this year record wise. We will also get better players in the draft with this year's mediocre win-loss record. So there is a silver lining in this disappointing and unlucky season.

    We will be back next year with all our healthy players. And we should have Jim Harbaugh back as well.
    I actually think all this Fire the Coach is media Henny Penny hysteria driven by the 24 hour media needing to make talk to fill the airwaves and sports columns.

  • T Walsh - 5 years ago

    This would be a typical corporate mistake should York let coach go. Do they really think they can get someone in to replace him who is going build a new culture, set a new tone, generate morale as qickly and successfully as Harbaugh did? His overall W-L record speaks volumes. He supports his players and they support him. The
    most damaging aspect of his tenure so far has been management/ownership inability to back him up. The owners need to support him just as coach and players have supported each other. Ownership has sat idly on the sideline which has allowed the distracting controversy. They are to blame just as much as anyone.

  • K. Menzies - 5 years ago

    I agree with 'M Smith,
    Give the man a chance to do his job. The front office needs to back k off. One off season doesn't mean you give up on one of the best Niner coaches.

  • Diane Silven - 5 years ago

    I've been a fan all of my life since the 49ers inception - 1946. My family have been season ticket holders since the first game in 1946 (except for a brief period in the 70's). You would be very foolish if you let Coach Harbaugh go. I expected more of Jed York. We have not had a good coaching staff since Siefert was let go. There was one bad decision after another made in regards to selecting coaches for the 49ers. It's been a tough year for MANY reasons but "dumping our coach" will do nothing but make it worse. He has been the "glue" through all of the adversity - suspensions, injuries, rumor-mongering, media-hype, etc. Put the egos aside and look at what is best for the team as far as being successful in the long run goes. The management and the coach don't have to "love" one another. After all, it is a business (or at least has become a business first and foremost). So, if you can't look at it as a "family", remember that it is a business and the managements' egos are not their priority. Having a winning team is. This may not be our year for many reasons but this group is our future.

  • Matthew Kelleher - 5 years ago

    As a Kezar Baby; Stick Survivor and current Santa Clara seat owner; I think that the very thought of letting Jim Harbaugh go is crazy !! This is the man that took our team to the NFC Championship game three out of the last four years ! How many years did I sit at Kezar to see ONE playoff appearance against the Lions that we lost. I remember the "Len Roade" years at the Stick when we were lucky to win three games a season ! Remember Joe Montana was 3-13 in his first year. Maybe they should have fired Bill Walsh then. This whole conversation smacks of the "new 9er" fans that are disappointed when we don't win the SuperBowl every year. My message to you : buy Raider season tickets. Some of us have paid our dues and sat with the team thru thick and mostly thin. Harbaugh is a great coach that needs our appreciation and thanks. Faithful ! If the Niners fire him then Jed York is the new Joe Thomas. Jed: talk to Uncle Eddie and get your head straight !

  • MJ Smith - 5 years ago

    Absolutely DO NOT let Harbaugh go! Instead, tell the front office to butt out, keep quiet and let the man do his job. All this money-haggling and second-guessing just isn't cool. You hired the man and he has done a splendid job so far. One or even two bad years shouldn't be an excuse to bully ANY coach out of a job. Give him a chance without interference from front office no-nothings who are only thinking about their monetary bottom line instead of team building.

  • Ken Weissenborn - 5 years ago

    The offensive line has been destroyed this year. Davis and Boone both missed OTA's, Boone holds out all of training camp. Daniel Kilgore gets hurt so we have a rookie center who also gets hurt. Anthony Davis has been hurt most of the year and Jonathan Martin has tried. This has hurt the offense, plus all of the dropped passes. Defensively, injuries have also destroyed the season. You can't blame the coach for players getting injured. I'm also tired of the media wanting the fire the coach. If they're so smart why aren't they coaching the team.

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