SPEAK UP: Have you ever paid for a celebrity's autograph? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Will gas prices in Dutchess ever again drop below $2.50? 51 YES, 117 NO (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    24 votes

  • No
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Poll posted 5 years ago.

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  • Amanda Tompkins - 5 years ago

    I have paid for celebrity's autograph but only in person at a meet and greet event.

  • Brad Nathington - 5 years ago

    Celebrities pay me for my autograph.

  • Dean Kip - 5 years ago

    I have paid for several major league Baseball players autographs to get the chance to meet them. Many years ago I went to see Hank Aaron, at the time the all time MLB HR king, in Maybrook NY, at a baseball card show. I was looking forward to being able to shake hands with him. I was very disappointed to find that he had a large guy on each side of him sitting at the table. The guy to his left took my baseball card from me and passed it to him. Hank signed the card and passed to the guy on his right, who then picked up my card and handed it back to me. Hank Aaron never even looked at me. I was very disappointed.

    But there were several positives too. Duke Snider (The Duke of Flatbush, from the old Brooklyn Dodgers) and Jerry Koosman ( former pitcher of the NY Mets ) both were very personable. Koosman talked to me for a good ten minutes about his days with the Mets, and winning the 1969 World Series, it was a very cool experience. There were a lot of young kids at that show who probably didn't know who he was, so I got him all to myself for a while. Duke Snider I called on the telephone as a kid with a friend of mine on the other extension, it was about 1975 or so. We had got the city he lived in off the back of his 1964 baseball card, and called directory assistance in his town and asked for his number by his real name, Edwin. When we called he didn't blow us off, he spoke to us and was actually nice enough to give us his address, and we both mailed him several baseball cards with a self addressed stamped envelope and he signed each one ( for free ) and mailed them back to us a few weeks later. Several years later I got to see him at a card signing at the South Hills Mall and got to talk to him for about 5 minutes. I reminded him of that phone call and he said he remembered it. That thrilled me to know that.

    I still have those autographs and a whole binder of other ones. I have a lifetime of memories in that book. I have paid for many but also got a lot of them for free. In the 70's my friend and I called a few dozen players and most of them did give us their addresses so we could mail them cards for them to sign. As long as we sent a self addressed stamped envelope with them we always got them back. That was before the days of baseball card shows and signings, and before the players realized they could charge for their autographs. But free or paying for them it was always a fun thing to do, especially when we got to talk to the players for a bit...

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